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The 14th period project management is senior grind the 4th times course ends lon

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Cpmi   2008-10-21

Contemporary and outstanding (Shanghai) the 14th period project management is senior grind build a the 4th second course: " software of project management MsProject2003 applies " , hold smoothly at will coming 12 days on October 11, end satisfactorily. This second grind the course that builds a class already had undertaken half, arrangement of structure of course of student report whole is reasonable, instructor schoolteaching humour is humor, curricular content joint is actual, right the rest of course is full of expect. We also will continue to provide excellent service for student!

This period grind build a the 5th second course " aggrandizement of content of the core before PMP is taken an examination of coachs " will hold as scheduled at will coming 26 days on October 23.

Course is premonitory:
Company of Shanghai of contemporary and predominant group, the 15th period project management is senior grind long class will fly a class formally on November 14! Already began to accept now sign up. Welcome everybody to sign up eagerly, general rules alls alone fully!

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