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Make a kind of habit when the success

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Cpmi   2008-10-21

We are heard via regular meeting " make a kind of habit successfully " this word. Interview when the reporter " god 5 " , " god 6 " , " god 7 " the director's leading cadre, Cao Vice-chairman Gang Chuan: "Why can make a kind of habit successfully. " he tells a reporter 4 words: "Severe, careful, fine, solid " . "Severe " namely strict, rigorous, "Careful " it is discreet discretion, we look again " fine " , attentive, detail, meticulous, there still is finally " solid " , get right on the job, deal with concrete matters relating to work, solid. No matter be in,believe which industry the requirement of these 4 words is to have those who draw lessons from a meaning.

Contemporary and outstanding take the successful experience that comes for years, be in involved a lot of field and in whole executive process, nowhere did not reflect this marrow of 4 words, ask strictly everywhere ego, petty Shen Wei, fall to real point, contemporary and outstanding add abundant expert group with superior service, gained huge success, built good public praise, borrow this " god 7 " during succeeding, outstanding also will examine oneself afresh, absorb experience from which, for outstanding: "Contemporary and outstanding, outstanding China " wish scene continue hard!

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