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Contemporary and outstanding " magic square is combined " curricular – " essenc
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Cpmi   2008-09-12

Contemporary and outstanding project runs elite course, "Magic square combines " one of core curriculum in public curriculum: "Essence of core of project management system should be carried out " in September 2008 5 be in Shanghai to 7 days new east spin big public house to be carried out smoothly. The project government public figure that tens of names come from many enterprises and the expert assemble that come from contemporary and predominant group, with respect to project management system, tool, skill is mixed the result in real work and experience launched harangue and study.

Eminent of Shanghai of contemporary and predominant group and manage a technology to seek advice from limited company to serve as Chinese project management to groom more reach inside advisory industry get army enterprise, the system that 2008 metaphase grooms to public curriculum reached executive form to do be optimized large-scaly and update. Contemporary and outstanding project manages kind of public curriculum to happen to coincide as numerous enterprise the alternative that for oneself each branches develop project government person with ability and relevant personnel, foster for the enterprise in the course that comes nearly 10 years, bred the project that comes from the project ministry, financial department, manpower resource ministry, talent that purchases the many branches such as ministry, qualitative check ministry, R&D and qualification in great quantities to manage professional public figure.

The executive mark with this second successful, satisfactory course is worn system of brand-new and public curriculum turns company of Shanghai of contemporary and predominant group formally to the market, we will be carried the newest, most advanced, most the project management concept that company of press close to grows and product are enterprise and large-scale project to manage a personage to offer foremost edge, provide effectiveness for a given period of time and practical project government to groom most.

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