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PMP attestation exam signed up December 27, 2008 announcement
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Cpmi   2008-09-27

PreparationPMPThe classmate that the exam signs up: Everybody is good!
Will hold exam of attestation of 8 years of the 4th PMP on December 27, 2008. Come since September 22, 2008 was time signing up on October 20, 2008. It is below enter oneself for an examination the primary technological process of examinee:

1. is sure to log onto PMI website to refer application material of the English that finish before 8 years October 15 please, know a letter really to PMI in 5 workaday adduction.

After 2. receives PMI to reply, outside loginning only bureau groom website of central project management undertakes Chinese signs up register, be in after success signing up 1-2 the meeting inside weekday receives examine and verify to pass mail perhaps logs onto system signing up to examine condition of examine and verify again.

3. asks each examinee to will come round on October 20 cost of the my department pay that finish and the relevant matters concerned that submit data.

Delay is retreated check application: If special situation needs delay to come in March 2009 (specific time is waited for calm) or deal with retreat one's deceased father (deduct a RMB 830 yuan) , be in without fail2008Year11Month10DayDeal with before. Examinee lands Chinese system signing up to download delay to retreat study application form case and upload.

Shanghai area time signing up: On September 22, 2008 - on October 20, 2008
In the morning 9:00-12:00 afternoon 13:30-17:30
Shanghai area dot signing up: Shanghai eminent and manage a technology to seek advice from Yan'an of limited company Shanghai more on the west road 1228 lane edifice of 2 fine benefit 7 F room is close an I road
Contact: Pool teacher
Phone: 021-62837011(12, 13, 14)-803M: 13918031330

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