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The 14th period project management is senior grind the 3rd times course ends lon
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Cpmi   2008-09-27

Contemporary and outstanding (Shanghai) the 14th period project management is senior grind build a the 3rd second course: " project quality, purchase, manpower resource, communication management and personal integrity of morality of project handler profession " , will hold smoothly to 21 days on September 19, end satisfactorily. Continuance grinds long class comes 7 years enthusiastic always, harmonious atmosphere, this second course got student as before people all the time reputably, height is approbated! Grind the student that repairs a class expresses in succession: The study of this second class will be helped tremendously in the accord in their in the future job!
This period grind build a the 4th second course " practical skill of Project2003 of project management software " will hold as scheduled at will coming 12 days on October 11.

Course is premonitory:
Company of Shanghai of contemporary and predominant group, the 15th period project management is senior grind long class will fly a class formally on November 14! Will rise to be accepted formally on September 25 sign up, welcome everybody to sign up eagerly, general rules alls alone fully!

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