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Intelligent Building of Project Management Information
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An industry background If our calculations since 1995, intelligent construction has 16 years of history; from scratch, from simple imitation to develop their own brands of products, from the only intelligent cabling system to the scope of works included in the sub- is more and more; from speculation to practical, from confusion to clear through an extraordinary journey; have success stories, more failures. At present almost no mention of intelligent buildings, but there are levels of project characteristics are not many, most still remain in the imitation and analogy of the lower level of duplication. Intelligent Building is a modern building technology and modern communications technology, computer technology, control technology combined with high-speed computers and information technology development and popularization of by-product of mankind has, it has very distinct characteristics of the times the information society. It has formed people to choose the work environment and home buyers a new fashion, new hot spots, will become the 21st century, the dominant real estate investment and development direction. Intelligent building systems engineering, also known as weak, mainly referring to communications automation (CA), building automation (BA), office automation (OA), the Fire Services Automation (FA) and security automation (SA), referred to as 5A. To put it simply, intelligent building project includes: 1, computer management systems engineering; 2, building automation system; 3, security control and burglar alarm system; 4, smart card system; 5 cabling system engineering; 6 , computer network systems engineering; 7, broadcasting system; 8, the meeting system; 9, comprehensive property management system; 10, intelligent lighting, sound control system; 11, the fire alarm system; 12, computer room and so on. Currently, the world's largest market is undoubtedly intelligent project in China. At present, China is still relatively fickle market intelligence projects; duplicate copy of the low level of construction projects is also more truly reflect the human services in the intelligent building not more. "Integrators successful, work of migrant workers, equipment providers responsible for the technical support" situation is still relatively common. Builders did not really play the "integrator" role. A number of intelligent engineering subsystems to achieve interconnection, interoperability, interoperability, integrated system of information sharing are not many, discrete, standalone system structure is also in the majority. This is different buildings, different investors in different management models, the investment is directly related to too few, many owners would rather spend money to wall, floor and decoration, but also reluctant to increase investment in the intelligent engineering, of course, and deeper levels within the construction sector involved in the overall management, project management, Executive consciousness are not unrelated. Second, business needs Everything has a process of development, intelligent building as well. With the development of intelligent building technology and mature, and its meaning along with the technology continues to deepen. The technical regulations and national development and promulgation of China's Intelligent Building healthy and orderly development of policies and laws have laid a foundation; computer application technology development and diffusion of a wide range of applications for the development of an intelligent building infrastructure; the world information era, people continue to strengthen awareness of information, the urgent need for information for the development of intelligent buildings and create a vast demand for space. With the rapid development of construction industry, smart, intelligent building construction contractors continue to expand and grow, gradually increased the project, the project city wide distribution, the increasing workload of administrative tasks, to take the previous management has been very difficult to effectively hand control of the project and contract costs and progress of the project on the huge amount of information it is difficult to grasp the dynamic, project management and approval of business volume doubled overwhelmed. Existing management techniques has lagged behind, resulting in various departments, regions, cities, project management information between the relatively isolated, discrete distribution, the sharing can not be real effective, efficient implementation of the project. Intelligent project management process is relatively complex, the existing means and methods alone can not effectively track, monitor and ensure that all projects. Therefore, an urgent need for intelligent building contractor of a project management software, engineering project of all intelligent information management. Three solutions Easy to build project management system, intelligent building intelligent building contractor from a single intelligent integrated management of the project start, project management fully integrated intelligent business processes, intelligent project management the timely processing of business data specification. On this basis, business decision makers understand the evaluation of multiple projects simultaneously, multi-item multi-level project management. To strengthen the approval process for various types of business, take full account of the decision-making, management and control layer, business layer, operating at different levels of demand. Business intelligence project to help businesses sort out, to promote the management level and operational efficiency. Integration of engineering enterprises and various intelligence services, overall supervision of the various types of organizations. Engineering business intelligence to help enterprises to establish a database to achieve the knowledge accumulated precipitation, and actively promote the construction contractor to technology-based Intelligent Engineering, management-intensive enterprises to change.
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