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Must see IT project management in China 20 good ideas
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Even in the most perfect conditions, managing a software project is very difficult. Unfortunately, many of the new project manager is essentially not subject to any induction training. There are 20 successful management experience for the project manager reference Test. However, relying on only one of two "good ideas" is not the successful completion of the project. 1. Defining the project success criteria In the beginning of the project, to ensure that all parties to determine whether the project for the success of a unified understanding. Typically, followed closely the progress of the scheduled key to success is the only obvious, but certainly there are other factors exist, for example, by Increase market share, sales, or sales of the specified and achieved a specific level of customer satisfaction and eliminate the high maintenance requirements of a legacy system. 2. Hold the balance between the demands of Each project needs to balance its functions, personnel, budget, schedule and quality targets. We are in the above five projects each, the Composite as a constraint, you must be in the constraint Operation; You can also define the corresponding success of the project as with the driving force, or defined as the degree of freedom to success. Can be adjusted within a specified range. 3. Define product release criteria Early in the project, to decide what criteria to determine whether the product is ready for released. You can publish standard is based: there are also a number of high priority defects, performance measurement, specific functions fully operational , Or other aspects of that project has achieved its purpose. No matter what standard you choose, should be achievable, measurable, documented, and with the customer within the meaning of "quality" of the same. 4. To communicate commitment Despite the promise the impossible may inadvertently event, but do not make a knowing that does not guarantee commitment. Frank communication between managers and customers and those actual results. Any previous project data will help you do that Services to their arguments, although it is unreasonable for people who no real effect. 5. Write a program Some people think that taking the time to write programs to write code is not flowery, but I do not think so. The hard part is not writing the plan, the hard part is to do this project - thinking, communication, balance, communication, provide Ask and listen. You used to analyze the time required to solve the problem, will reduce the project will bring you after the accident. 6. The task into "inch pebble" "Inch pebbles" is to narrow the milestone. The big task into several small tasks to help you more accurately estimate them exposed in other cases you might not think of work activities, and And ensure a more accurate, detailed status tracking. 7. To plan for large task worksheet If you often take a particular group of common tasks, these tasks you need to develop a check list of activities and planning tables. Each checklist should include the major tasks may need all of the steps . These checklists and worksheets that will help team members identify and assess the major tasks he must deal with the workload associated. 8. Program, quality control activities should be modified after the work Almost all quality control activities, such as testing and technical evaluation, will find defects or other enhancement possible. Your project schedule or work breakdown structure, quality control activities should be after every change, as To include a separate task. If you do not actually make any changes, well, you have to go in front of the plan. 9. As a "process improvement" scheduling Your team has lost in their current project, but if you want your group to a higher level of software engineering capabilities, you must put some time in the "process improvement" on. From your Progress of the project set aside some time, because the software project activities should include doing to help your next project more successful process improvement. Do not put your project members can use the time 100% commitment to the project tasks And then wonder why they take the initiative to improve the lack of any progress. 10. Risk management project If you do not identify and control risks, then they will control you. In the project plan to spend some time brainstorming possible risk factors, assess their potential hazards, and decide how you reduce or prevent it Are. 11. According to the work plan rather than the calendar to estimate It is usually estimated in calendar time to do, but I tend to estimate the work associated with the task plan (a "person" as a unit) number, and then converted to a work plan for the estimated calendar time. This conversion based Valid every day the number of hours I spent on project tasks, I might encounter any broken or sudden adjustment requests, meetings, and all other places will make time-consuming. 12. Do not arranged over the task of working hours the amount of 80% Track your actual cost of the project team members weekly average number of hours specified in their work, it would be surprising. And we were asked to do many activities related to the task switching overhead, significantly reduced our work For efficiency. Theory, an employee working 40 hours a week, but not just because someone takes a particular work 10 hours per week, and went immediately assume that he or she can do 4 this task, if he or she can place After three task manager, you very lucky. 13. The training time into the program Make sure your team members spend on training each year how much time and work it from members on project tasks specified in the less time available. You may already subtracted the average vacation time, sick time and Other times, the training time but also the same treatment. 14. Record your estimates and how you achieve the estimated When you are ready to estimate your work, write them down, and record how you complete each task. Understanding of the assumptions used to create estimates and methods, enabling them to more easily when necessary protection and Adjustment, and it will help you improve your estimation process. 15. Recorded estimate and use estimation tool There are many commercial tools can help you estimate the entire project. According to their actual project experience huge database, these tools can give you a possible selection progress and staff allocation arrangements. They also can help Help you to avoid entering the "impossible zone", about assignments, the group combined labor and schedule a look and could not succeed. 16. To comply with the learning curve If your first attempt in the project of new processes, tools or technology, you have to bear the cost of short-term decrease in productivity. Do not expect new software engineering methods in the first attempt to get amazing benefits Taken into account in scheduling the inevitable learning curve. 17. By considering the buffer Do not like your project as accurately plan, so your budget and schedule should be back in the main stage, including some unexpected cushion to meet unforeseen events. Unfortunately, your management Manager or client may put the buffer as your excuse, and not wise to admit that this is indeed the case. They specify the number of previous projects to unpleasant surprises, to help you in foresight. 18. Recorded the estimation of the actual situation If you do not spend on each task on the record the actual working time, and compare with your estimates, you will never be able to improve your estimating ability, your estimates will always be speculation. 19. Only when the task 100% complete, only that the task is completed Inch pebbles with an advantage: you can distinguish each small task either completed or not completed. This is a big task than the estimate done at some point what percentage is much more to it. Using explicit criteria to judge whether a real step is complete. 20. Open, just to track project status Create a good atmosphere, so that project members to accurately report the status of the project was safe. Efforts to project an accurate, factual basis based on the data to run, not from fear of reporting bad news Produced misleading optimism. Use of project status information when necessary for corrective action, and recognition when conditions permit.
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