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Potential Hanson: Three highlights the advantages of integrated project managem
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Hanson Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is the potential of the few to master the world's leading third-generation seismic imaging technology, processing and interpretation and have the ability to provide integrated services to businesses. Management Advantage The company has excellent project management skills. Distributed processing and interpretation for the characteristics of the project area, the company implemented a flat project management, creative establishment of the "integration of processing and interpretation, geophysical and geological integration, Party A and Party B integration" of the three integrated project management model, efficient and rational allocation of resources the company, maximize the company's equipment and personnel of the creative capacity, in 2009 created more than 170 million operating income per capita, the leading domestic level. The company has a perfect modern enterprise management system, is the processing and interpretation service providers in the same time made a small number of quality management system certification and health and safety environmental management system certificate (QHSE) business, which makes the company competitive in the domestic market and to undertake all aspects of overseas operations highly competitive. The report period, the average contract value per unit from 2007 to rise to nearly 300 million in 2009 alone nearly 800 million each, is both the embodiment of technical advantages, but also long been the embodiment of corporate advantage.
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