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Liu Jun: project management and process control is the key to large-scale proje
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November 30, the Ninth Forum on the second day of the Chinese CP, in parallel, one summit, "" broadband and telecommunications business model Innovation "Summit by industry experts, academics attention. Grand Canal of China Telecom Shenzhen Branch Liu Jun, general manager of project management will be combined with the World University Games and other major projects and to share their experiences and feelings, he pointed out, project management and process control is the key to large-scale projects. Following is the transcript: Thank you host! Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon! Just leaves the company open to total telecom cooperation mode to you do with the exchange, as the Shenzhen local network, I introduce the implementation of the Group's customer-focused information technology some experience the process of innovation strategy. Wisdom of the earth after last year has been the world wide response, wisdom, made the earth, go with some of the needs of current customers, from the customer to a single demand to integrate resources from a more thorough communicated to the wider bandwidth transmission to a more intelligent processing, both from a technical or from the customer demand side, has been referred to the historical agenda. Command this year in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, started initiatives to upgrade and restructure the city provides innovative information technology power, as a national innovation-oriented city of Shenzhen, in the first try to lead the national innovation first proposed concept of wisdom in Shenzhen. As do most of the system reforms in Shenzhen in the future development, the platform can become carriers of the polymer chain polymerization, the future could lead in the industrial chain in the status of new technologies and applications, operators, as a large state-owned enterprises in the performance of social responsibility have a certain strength. At the same time operators in the broadband, voice and rich data center network resources have a certain strength, and we see some large projects in operation, when a solid chain of stable funding is also very important, big investment, several hundred million of investment , large enterprises need to take the whole work. Next year's World University Games held in Shenzhen, and put into use 44 stadiums and 22 training grounds, and 14 non-playing field, the slogan was a dream from left, June 3, 2009 Universiade China Telecom, became a full communication global business partners to provide communications for the Universiade and all business services, projects in the Universiade, China Telecom undertakes the integration of the whole, total construction, responsible for project design, project implementation and protection of all-round sports during the Games work We hope that the Shenzhen Branch of the Grand Canal as an opportunity to focus on future large projects in government service position, the cloud city for the future, wireless city, the Shenzhen train for the large number of professional project team, management systems and institutional mechanisms constitute the leading local network transformation services to the core of the government information technology capacity. The Government believes that information and communication systems in the major sports events in the equivalent position of the nervous system, the Chinese telecom operators to provide for the Universiade the main data center and disaster recovery data center construction, and a few private network not to run the command group The technical operations center, as well as network and security system, central nervous system is equivalent to the Universiade, as well as a variety of venues throughout the terminal application, the equivalent of nerve endings, metaphor image of the government communication and information systems Universiade is equivalent to the nervous system . Operators in the Universiade in the mission and responsibilities, major sports events in the previous three roles are separate, in the Universiade, said China Telecom, a commitment to total integration, total design and overall urban construction work, but also There are three major operating system development and construction of a network construction, and five, and 58 venues of information infrastructure. For the major sports events, the project has a certain particularity. One is the very considerable influence because it is an international sports event, a one-time projects, highly visible, no second chance, can not say that athletes run back then passed back to the system repeated testing, the test is divided into approximately 11 links , the time has rigid requirements, August 12, 2011 Universiade opening. Universiade in order to complete the work, the overall improvement of 3G / Broadband / Internet / System Integration package of solutions, this map is the Universiade on the overall communication and information needs in the textbook point of view, the underlying network, to the middle of the transmission, network platform to the above applications, and systems in order to ensure standardization of systems and project management, security event management and professional services, this image has been fully in the Universiade on the application and presentation. Track timing and scoring system, the stadium, set to go from the starting end of the timing and scoring equipment running, the device was timing and scoring results will be published via the Internet, the venue can be reached through the network center, and then released via the Internet, and now sports communications and information systems rely entirely on the comprehensive protection. The Universiade in order to fully lead the technology development, the National Development and Reform Commission to build on the Shenzhen Universiade application of new technologies based on IPV6, National Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen Telecom has undertaken six next-generation Internet applications: a Grand Canal village of RFID, there Universiade Village in the athletes village and smart home, and broadband multi-media IPTV applications and so on. Throughout the process of implementing some of the Universiade experience: Project management and process is the key to large-scale projects, to the Universiade, we had developed a project management approach, from the organizational system, in accordance with the project management system to do, into a level project managers, project managers, three project managers, sub-project managers and project decomposition, closed-loop management. The whole project is divided into eight stages, from the start has been admitted to the test, trial run, finishing a total of three stages, and the Shenzhen Municipal Government set up a joint working group to strengthen the communication with the Government. During the project, a project based on the demands of dry systems is very important communication mechanism, the process of cooperation with the Government, a set of clear communication mechanism, play a effective role in promoting the project. Business model innovation, such a large system, in the industrial chain, value chain is very complex, China Telecom set of three roles in one and innovative model of cooperation with the Government to expand the scope of cooperation, China Telecom using its own advantages, multi-joint partners to establish win-win value chain, including the integration of a powerful international consulting firm, as well as sports events in terms of domestic partners with expertise in business model, the Shenzhen municipal government procurement by way of orientation to China overall procurement Telecom, China Telecom with total package and sub-ways and the overall operation partners. The integration of industry value chain, China Telecom has its own advantages, including full-service communications, pipeline capacity in the design, implementation, software services, for providing an integrated value, which is hard copy of any a company providing total solutions in hard to replicate. We also feel that large-scale information technology projects in the running to train personnel and build the core competitiveness of telecommunications is very important, the project management, network technology, communication application development, IPV6 team of experts to the city for the future play a crucial information boost. In the future contribution of the Shenzhen Municipal Government is the Universiade 2011 Universiade, as a major international sporting events, will further strengthen the information technology in the future contribution rate of contribution to the force and power, the Chinese telecom operators will include local wisdom Shenzhen blueprint to contribute their efforts, be able to better serve the community and government information efforts. Finally, I wish the Shenzhen Universiade to success! I wish the forum to a complete success! Thank you!
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