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2011 Project Management Professional Exam must see: practitioners share their
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2011 Project Management Professional Exam must see: practitioners share their experience 1. This project is any project, specifically about what the situation, who put forward the aim is to solve a problem. Many customers are very immature in the domestic situation, do not the name of the project to imagine the words too literally to the project objectives. Called "office automation" project is likely to approach you after the fact, a month that customers need is a computer information system supporting production management system. Early work of the more detailed understanding of the situation, the less surprised later, the smaller the risk of the project. 2. What this project involves people such as investors, stakeholders specific business side, the project is completed the operating side, and technical supervision side, and so many projects in addition to owners of units in the structure is very complex, there are a number of other units will be involved in, such as project supervision companies, owners and other industry authorities. Project managers need to understand every aspect of people's views and expectations of this project is. Prior knowledge of all aspects of the views and expectations of a project allows you encounter problems, to analyze which everything people will support you in what areas, who would disagree with you and for what purposes, to advance to prepare the United Friends to confront the enemy, get things going in the direction you want. No permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only the interests of consistency, these words as a project manager is certain to remember. 3. A basic understanding of the customer's situation, the following things is to understand your company's view of the parties to the face of the project. The first is whether the emphasis on senior leadership, this determines when you need resources, the company based on your requirements will provide the strongest support. Oral definitely say that they support the leadership, you need to do is to understand the company's actual expectations of the project is trying to project a larger and larger, or want to make money? Want to do or simply want to muddle through model projects, the project leadership of the company's attitude determines your strategy for this project, and this strategic approach to project planning you do will have a direct impact; 4. In the overall project plan to do before, but also roughly calculate the resources of your hand. The first is time, and now the market competition, often require a lot of projects is almost impossible time frame to complete. For this project you're doing when the risk control plan should be fully considered. Second is the staff, according to the project budget and is past experience, roughly calculate the future How many project team roles, each role the company if anyone, is fully owned by the project, and the need to recruit a number of other staff, preparation of recruitment To start as soon as possible. Finally, some of the equipment is ready, the key equipment required for the project to large scheduled as soon as possible, after the equipment, no matter who the case of other equipment or people, are wasting your time; 5. Now is the time to do the project specification. A good project will not only do manual clearly describes the (mostly about what to do, rather than how to do that), but also explains how to check into it very thoroughly. That is done not only to understand what it says, but also to the client's business personnel (general non-technical) know what kind of project made even completed. Simply put, the project manual describes the project and everything to do what things and how to check to what extent the results of each. 6. Is to make the overall project time? No, you now have the customer's goals and resources of your hand, then make plans before you need and your managers and customers to communicate with resources. Because many resources are not clear, you need to write a report, detailed analysis of the project risk and the demand for resources. If some problem can not be resolved, the consequences of what will happen. If the resource is not enough, we must change the policy level, to increase investment in the project. Even in conditions permit, some companies will give up the project. In short, no one can complete an impossible task, as soon as possible if the project manager can not find the risk, then only to become the martyr. 7. To understand what to do things and the chips in your hand and your overall strategy for this project, now is the time to set up the project team. Many project managers do not have the right of members of their choice, then, to maximize your influence to find people who you want it. Composition according to the project, the difference between the larger, hard to have any specific requirements, however, must be proficient in the customer's business people, many small projects, that person is the project manager himself, there will be large projects with industry experts (Industry expert), so that communication between them and the customer will not speak the same language, both sides can understand each other. I often see is that our technical staff and customers when talking mouthful of jargon, the results do a customer at a loss, in turn, he also accused the customers do not understand technology. In fact, to understand what their customers want to have a good customer, and do not know what to do, but do not know how to do but also find fault with customers everywhere, but to understand that the customer has chosen you, not you selected customers, with customers only pay you get, calm, you know.
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