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2011 Project Management Professional exam knowledge point of contract manageme
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Good contract management should be familiar with the terms of the contract, based on a clear division of responsibilities and strict contract management tools, which will produce all possible "passing" responsibility vulnerability, responsibility and so the cross and overlap, be prevented in advance . The following project as an example to discuss the contract management from the three methods. (1) a clear division of responsibilities The main parties to the contract is the owner and contractor (or contractors), which is the main two parties contract. Supervising engineer does not belong to any party to the contract, but his execution of the project plays an important role. Division of responsibility means that project owners, contractors and supervising engineers of the division of responsibilities between the three, this is the most important contract, the division of responsibility mechanism. Responsibilities and obligations of owners: the selection and appointment and supervision of engineers and authorized the appointment of a written notice of its outside contractors; signing the contract; to approve the request of the contractor or sub-contracting; the supervision engineer certification on the basis of payment under the contract shall advance preparation and project progress payment; to approve the contract, duration and other project changes; processing contract suspension, termination or withdrawal of services; organizational acceptance. Contractor's responsibilities and obligations: within the time stipulated in the contract, in accordance with the requirements of drawings and technical specifications for construction and completion; responsible for maintenance during the Defects Liability Period any defect occurs. The specific contractual obligations, the provisions in the contract documents very detailed. Supervision Engineer Responsibilities: Employment of Consultants by World Bank experts guide, the supervising engineer's responsibilities include general duties (that is, the project works in respect of quality, time, cost and other kinds of information sent to the contractor, notifications and instructions); review , the issue of project progress payment schedule and payment instruments; interpretation of contract terms and so on. (2) adhere to the site meeting system Contract management, site meetings (also known as site meetings) is the owner and project management, supervision engineers to do an effective measure. According to different tasks and purposes, on-site meeting can be divided into 1-site meetings, regular site meetings and three meetings per day on-site coordination forms. 1 on-site contractor to enter the site after the meeting was the first meeting of its supervisory engineer and the contractor for the beginning of the establishment between the good relations of mutual cooperation, to contract management for the future and lay a foundation for the smooth. 1 on-site personnel attended the meeting on behalf of the contractor, project manager, supervising engineers and representatives, owners representatives, chaired by the supervising engineer. Agenda prepared by the supervising engineer, and sent to contractors and owners and other interested parties for comments, in order to prepare the participating parties targeted materials. The purpose of routine site meetings held, is found in the construction engineering quality problems, the construction schedule delays and the contractor's claim for extension of time or cost to apply or to discuss other issues related to making a decision. Regular site meetings usually 1 or 2 times per month, an emergency meeting at any time when needed. Records of regular site meetings, a recognition by the supervising engineers and contractors to become an official record, binding on both parties. Daily on-site coordination (daily on-site coordination), means a day (or every few days) at the appointed time and place, attended by the designated personnel, coordination between the contractors and supervising engineers daily work of a brief meeting. It's just discussion, argument on the issue, coordination problems do not generally make a decision. (3) strict management tools Contract management requires both a clear division of responsibilities, but also a series of rigorous and effective management tools, including strict approval procedures, good communications and correspondence between the system and a sound document and records management system. Approval Process Once a contract is signed, the terms must be in accordance with the various approval procedures provided for in the approved time frame and review work, otherwise it will constitute a breach of varying degrees; any undue delay is not allowed, are detrimental to the seriousness of the contract, If all the instructions issued to the contractor, notification must be issued by the supervising engineers, owners and their departments can not cross the supervising engineer sent directly to the contractor in order to avoid "so many departments," the confusion caused by management; supervising engineer or his representative verbal instructions, the contractor should be confirmed in writing after the execution; supervision engineer shall report the progress of the contractor received money payment or 28 days of the certificate of certified, issued and submitted to the owners, the owners should be receiving the certificate of payment to the contractor within 28 days; occurs when the contractor claims matters incident to the claim within 28 days of the claim letter of intent, and then submit the claim within 28 days and the claim is based on a single detail, or else lose the right to compensation. Communications and correspondence between the system Civil works, especially large highways, railways, hydropower projects, often stretching dozens of kilometers or hundreds of kilometers, or a radius of several square kilometers, divided into several simultaneous construction of the contract segment, there is no convenient communication and traffic conditions, it can not effectively the conduct of management. According to international practice, the owners have to entrust the management contract, supervising engineer, the supervising engineers are complete communications and transportation equipment and facilities, is a very important thing. Under normal circumstances the tender documents for the supervision engineer has been clearly defined and timely provision of these equipment, the contractor's contractual obligations. Document and records management system Throughout the entire process of project, document and records management, for contract management plays an important role. Contract management is based on the contract, the work of both results and costs of various documents. Therefore, we must manage a variety of transactions between the seller a written document, contract changes and payment of vendor applications and other documents. Project owners, supervision engineers and contractors must pay close attention and doing a document and records management. Project managers must adopt a correct understanding of their own and the legal consequences of inaction. When the vendor to fulfill a contractual obligation to complete the required work, it is necessary to the acceptance of payments in a timely manner. Otherwise, the seller the right to suspend work, terminate the contract, or even legal action. Involved in project management, contract management and other areas, such as monitoring contractor cost, schedule and technical performance; check and check their work meets the requirements; to ensure the approval of changes through the relevant, and to notify all interested parties. Contract payment terms should also be clear.
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