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The project runs an expert---Jin Yingxun is " how to prepare PMP to take an exam

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;The project runs an expert---Jin Yingxun is " how to prepare PMP to take an exam " holograph of the 3rd edition writes order
Send: The hope improves the senior controller of project level of management

Be in China, I know a few clever senior controller, the project manager that they encourage at hand goes certificate of PMP of pass an entrance examination (attestation of project management professional) . To senior controller, this is a kind most the improves project management method with effective economy.
The examinee that attends PMP exam should study same exam data commonly -- " guideline of system of project management knowledge (PMBOK®Guide) " , contain same item to manage intellectual material with etc. Those who need an attention is, the study of these data and the study that how improve project management actually are distinguishing. But, no matter whether can they pass an exam, no matter the project of the proposal in the data manages a method to whether can be opposite,Chinese project manages a method helpful, the person that joins study can very increase communication capacity significantly, for instance they begin to use " project management language " undertake communication. And they can realise the job of project manager clearly be integrated.

In my student, major examinee learns special effort. They groom before the PMP that attends 35 hours is taken an examination of the project management knowledge that gains in course is mixed almost the average project government that enters 100 hours grooms euqally much. Because,this may be, relative to the study at improving knowledge, the great majority in us can be normally in the study to get letter with greater efforts some.

The manager that the salary that you can pay to the exam is expended or raise PMP certificate owner probably will come to support you people improve project level of management, you the investment of this respect is to delimit come, can get year of return rate of 20% at least. More manager goes attending this exam, the get one's own back that you get is more also.
Because this book basically is PMP exam place to write, only this page offers senior controller people read.
Those who thank you read, I wish the project level of management in expensive organization gets persistent improvement.
Jin Yingxun
On April 18, 2006

Send: The hope passes PMP examiner

This book is to attend PMP (project management professional) the Chinese examinee that qualificatory attestation takes an exam prepares. Although overweight of this book side fors reference, but its very great to understanding project management to also have better help.

This book is to be based on " guideline of system of project management knowledge " (PMBOK®Guide) , the 3rd edition (2004) . From 2000 Chinese first time holds PMP attestation to take an exam in March 2006 portion, I had been in China tuitional the near 300 course that how plans PMP exam. In before taking an examination of, grooming, I am not side overweight imparts new knowledge, the person that use up me to be able to help recieve training however tries through PMP with a kind of the most efficient way.
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