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Project government ability is entered rank model shallow analyse

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; nowadays, organization of more and more well-known companies, project government introduces project government ability to enter rank the model serves as the powerful tool that promotes development of profession of project government person with ability, applying domain obvious result actually, because this equipment suffers related the enterprise,also manage the praise highly of the level.

The core concept of this model manages the profession that design of layer class personnel differs to agree in the organization to develop the ability with method, corresponding configuration to promote the profession with plan, proper development to develop resource to be aimed at a project already. This kind of ability is entered rank the rapid promotion that benign loop promoted ability of project government person with ability and qualifications and record of service directly not only, also the flight pursueing course that utmost ground prompted constituent project to run operation level.

Contemporary and outstanding the advocate that regards this as the model and the person that carry out, devote oneself to the direct import this model and thinking mode to guide the manpower resource of the enterprise develops system and system of project management operation hard. In strategic level, direct company guides this model professional program and vocational training domain, carrying out the level, every node that is this model is designed and developed the curricular system of optimization, configured most agree groom resource.

Adopt this model carry out, contemporary and outstanding realize the enterprise guides to this model concept adequately and carry out additional urgent need. Sum up the past groom experience, contemporary and outstanding will lead this model to be mixed extensively ceaselessly with more mature mode advance deep.

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