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Project management and car are sold

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; demand is the problem of function and function actually, demand is uncertain it is the biggest prime culprit that causes project scope to spread.
To contractor, almost each client has a common problem: に scrupulously and respectfully toad of Cheng of box of Guo of where smoke of  of eat of Yu of Xing Huan of 5  Can 6 miscellaneous brag banter of  of  of Bo of serve of Nai of Shan of this  the She nationality steals  copy soup Lei kills ⑹ to go straight towards Kang of creek Tuo persimmon to place Ping   to quarrel  Shan is able to bear or endure  by.
Demand is the problem of function and function actually, demand is uncertain it is the biggest prime culprit that causes project scope to spread. Just think you plan to buy a car, the purpose is to should attend far go to remote and a mountainous area drive You Hefang to go out in the future oneself journey, car travel is theoretic very should easy can judging the real demand that gives you is a cross-country car, this is functional problem; The such as capacity of other, motivation, chassis height even if again crucial the problem that also is a function, if not be the design model of cross-country car, although function index satisfied a requirement, to the client also not be a that when want from beginning to end.
Accordingly, to avoid to buy car hind to lie between 3 difference 5 ground call to search even come to ask to solve a problem on another function, personnel of carry out of car be on sale fulfils in the client before trading, must want to make clear Hunan:
Does 1. enquire whether the client is looking for a cross-country car? If the client links cross-country car,be whats do not know, assist him to analyse remote and a mountainous area drive oneself swim or go out the journey should use what kind of car just is first-rate choice, tell him what cross-country car is.
2. offers the function index contrast of a few cross-country cars to express, the most crucial same thing is put finally - the price. Controller alliance, the project manages a problem. 3. The profit margin that assures oneself lets him client decide to which buy, feng Jian by the person.
4. everything already was become finality, tell him cross-country car is unsuited let baby-sitter leave at ordinary times go the market buys food, the function is limitary, besides be out of shape King Kong.
5. if the client calls will complain the car that says to opening you to sell him everyday to receive the child that sends him two years old to go to the lavatory not at all to nursery school, ask you have what method to be able to be transformed; You should be very happy ability is right, that is another contract opportunity: OLO of food container 赑 is strange perhaps lucky QQ.
The functional problem that can ask without the person you solve him himself express clearly not to need - firm demand problem; Tariff - the budget of the project is very affirmatory also; Product function contrast is expressed - function (quality) also can assure or say already bright show; Direct conduction formalities leaves go Tibet, besides sending special local product to perhaps buy POLO, QQ the likelihood won't leave forever come back - the businessman's cost can be controlled apparently; Besides sell a car must normal working hours, the time that the client may join a phone to won't be hit in inn to waste you in Tibet - time gets control absolutely.
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