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Contemporary and outstanding president Dr. Yang Lei is " how to prepare PMP to t

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;Contemporary and outstanding president Dr. Yang Lei is " how to prepare PMP to take an exam " holograph of the 3rd edition writes order

Without doubt, competing all-time and intense today, the talent has become a decision to be organized individually whether successful crucial essential factor, and the focal issue that the project government ability of personnel also becomes wide attention. Be introduced by contemporary and predominant group as PMP attestation China enters the 6th year, it had gotten the extensive self-identity of Chinese vast enterprise, organization.

However, so far, the project manager that abounds project management experience to having people, how taking an exam through PMP attestation quickly still is the problem that a your poll is fond of. Contemporary and outstanding publish " how to prepare PMP to take an exam " before two edition, it is large-scale project manager all the time people attend the authoritative reference book with PMP exam necessary hand, for broad should try personnel place self-identity. Began to undertake according to PMBOK of the 3rd edition PMP takes an exam in December 2005 as PMI, large-scale project manager appeals strongly contemporary and outstanding publish a face to take an exam to new edition as soon as possible " how to prepare PMP to take an exam " the 3rd edition. Below this kind of setting, the project management major that regards China as authority grooms, advisory orgnaization, use up all one's resources of contemporary and predominant group does his best, according to the characteristic that new edition takes an exam, the assemble is numerous wisdom of domestic and international top expert, union is contemporary and outstanding newest PMP exam grooms practice, weave afresh organization, publish because of what this had this book.

This book is like below a few characteristics:
1.Systematization: This book not only from system of knowledge of PMI project management domain of knowledge of job of group of Cheng of 5 serious offences, 9 three-year institution of higher learning had a description, and the crucial point that elaborated an exam from culture angle of the west.
2.Specific aim: The rich experience that Mr Jin Yingxun has the person basically compile of this book to be engaged in project management is carried out and communicating in North America and Asian area for years, it is famous project administration expert. Hold PMP exam to begin from first time of the China at the beginning of 2000, namely dedicated at Chinese examinee before taking an examination of, coach and groom, the difference of square to the thing culture and thinking means has deep knowledge, also understand Chinese examinee characteristic and weak sports very much. So of Mr Jin Yingxun before taking an examination of, coach and groom often meeting PMI essence wants be in harmony, point to PMP exam crucial point continuously. No wonder attend groomed personnel to be sincerely convinced, breathe out continuously satisfy a craving.
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