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2006 projects manage mobile calendar
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;2006 projects manage mobile calendarIn September

Project of L PMI international runs a seminar, china, hong Kong, in September 2006 13-15

Project of L PMI Sanket runs a seminar " open wide a gate for project management " , sanket, russia, in September 2006 17-19

Strategy of L United States runs week of association project government, santiago, california, the United States. In September 2006 18-22

Congress of L PMI polish Warsaw, warsaw, polish. In September 2006 21

The negotiable securities with top-level L manages, the United States, virginia. September 2006 27-29

L Sydney project runs international meeting 2006. Sydney, in September 2006 27-29


Strategy of L United States manages association to carry out the conference, the United States, chicago, in October 2006 2-4

L carries out the project of association: High quality, plan and cost management. In October 2006, the United States, virginia, 2006 2-6

Project of L VIPMI international runs seminar, brazil, holy Paul, in October 2006 4-6

Annual meeting of L PMI New Zealand: Project management interior is directive. Carat Siteche is strange, new Zealand October 2006 4-6

Congress of research of L IRNOPVII project, china, xi'an. In October 2006 11-13

Project of IPMA of L 20 world runs world plenary session. Shanghai, china. In October 2006 15-17

North America of 2006- of congress of L PMI whole world, the United States, xi Yatu, in October 2006 21-24

L project of international of the 8th bound is accessary structural congress, the United States, xi Yatu, in October 2006 24-26

In November

Congress of L PMI latin america, chile, santiago, in November 2006 6-8

Week of government of project of L executive council, canada, in November 2006 6-10

L business affairs analyses: Project world and world plenary session, the United States, florida, in November 2006 6-9

In December

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