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Contemporary and outstanding president Dr. Yang Lei is " how to prepare PMP to t
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3.Practical: This book not only the authoritative and referenced book that is PMP attestation exam, and also have referenced value extremely to the practice job of all project administrator, desk can regard those who close big project personnel as necessary management book.

The publication profit from of this book the whole of a group tries hard. Vice president of contemporary and predominant group Mr Zhou Haoyu is China one of gainer of first PMP attestation, have the project management job that is in the Euramerican enterprise that cross a state for years to experience, it is famous project management groom and consult an expert, was in charge of this book compiling directly of the group establish the careful school with this book. Xu Wenhai, Xu Jianglin, Liang Liping, Meng Xiangcheng, Yang Fang participated in the interpreter of part of this book foreign language, thanks here. In addition, thank machinist trade publishing house even assist energetically, and editorial laborious uses this book liability with one's shoulder to collar.

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Yang Lei
Contemporary and predominant
In May 2006 at Beijing

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