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FIDIC treaty wording introduces

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To assure trading success, organization of most country or district government, society and international organization made document of the program of action invite public bidding that has a level, contract, project measure computation regulation and annunciate of Zhong Zaifang type. The device that uses these levels bids document of program, contract, facilitating bidder is familiar with contract provision, reduce the potential risk that the work out bids the place when the file considers, in order to lower quoted price. When producing controversy, can carry out the controversy with contract document accessary place to solve a clause to handle issue. Standard term and conditions of contract can assign risk and responsibility of reasonable fairness between contract both sides, set bilateral right, obligation clearly, avoided the premium defray that causes because of fulfilling a contract seriously and relevant controversy greatly.
FIDIC regards the authoritative advisory engineer on international as the orgnaization, the standard term and conditions of contract that will write for years is the summary that international engineering group carries out experience a few years, set a contract honestly each square duty, right and obligation, the program is rigorous, maneuverability is strong. Already mixed in project, machinery nowadays of electric equipment offer wait for a respect to be used extensively. The development process that shows term and conditions of contract of brief introduction FIDIC and new edition (99 edition) the circumstance such as the suitable scope of term and conditions of contract.
One, the development of FIDIC contract document
1957, FIDIC and international housing and public project federation [present European international builds federation (FIEC) ] engineer federation seeks advice in England (ACE) promulgate " format of document of civil engineering contract " published on the foundation " term and conditions of contract of civil engineering construction (international) " (the 1st edition) , often call FIDIC condition. This condition cent is two parts, the first part is current term and conditions of contract, the 2nd part is special term and conditions of contract.
1963, published what the machinery that applies to owner and contractor and equipment are supplied and install first " electric with format of term and conditions of contract of machinist Cheng standard " namely yellow book.
1969, red Data Book published the second edition. This edition increased the 3rd share, dredge and fill build a project special condition.
1977, FIDIC and federation of European international building (FIEC) write FederationInternationaleEuropeennedelaConstruction(Paris) jointly, this is Red Data Book is mixed the 3rd edition.
1980, yellow book gave the second edition.
Red Data Book published the 4th edition in September 1987. the 2nd part (special term and conditions of contract) expanded, become alone book publish, but its clause number is as one to one correspondence as the first part, make two parts close together to make right of affirmatory contract both sides and compulsory term and conditions of contract jointly. The 2nd part needs fibrous root is drafted according to the particular case of the contract. To go to the lavatory of the 2nd part write, its pose the case that has explanatory sex specification and article, offerred for contract both sides necessary and can offer chose article. (1988, after doing a certain number of modification that edit a respect, red Data Book again overprint. These revise the meaning that does not affect concerned provision, just made it clear that its are true intent. )

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