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Company project develops 4 element

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Company of Chinese oil group began to carry out 1999 come off recombine the strategy, the group company's original business that gives priority to with oil exploitation and refine is packed to appear on the market as core business, and the business original manufacturing service system and enterprise do social system to come off, the blame that the enterprise after coming off becomes group company appears on the market enterprise. After recombining an end, inside Chinese oil group appear on the market the job that the enterprise assumed delegate China oil to participate in international to compete, and rather than appears on the market the do poineering work brigade that the enterprise began hardships to live.

A blame that after petro-chemical company recombines as group company, Dalian establishs appears on the market the enterprise faces grim management situation, on one hand industry shortage has gain capacity advocate business Wu, the only cash flow of the company is negative worth; The manufacturing service that because be engaged in enterprise interior for a long time,shows some management business units on the other hand and enterprise do to serve related the society and lack market sale experience, the company after recombining lacks market sale researcher and staff of technical research and development, the company does not have development of science and technology and the ability that the product develops. To turn round the adverse situation that the company manages quickly, development does his best to give new product while the company decides to doing business of strong original gain, open up company's new profit point of growth.

The course tries hard difficultly, petro-chemical company investment built Dalian 41 million yuan eventually unit of country's biggest desalt of reverse osmosis seawater, day of this suit buy produces briny desalt water 5000 tons, water quality giving water achieves high-pressured boiler to eliminate briny level. The crucial technology of device achieves international advanced level. This project makes petro-chemical company enters Dalian successfully development of water natural resources uses a property.

One, the source motivation that entrepreneur spirit is project development work.

Why some enterprises can develop the new project that has competition ability continuously, successive, do stronger more, and some enterprises hesitate to press forward to jump over Lei Chi hard however one pace, business management person one of crucial factors that whether having entrepreneur mind is influence business development.
Entrepreneur spirit is defined to be the mind that changes economic resource taller domain to be willing to assume a risk because of this from the domain with inferior productivity by Yi of French economist Sa. From company level for, entrepreneur spirit can generalize the passion that does poineering work for controller and the courage that accept a risk rationally.

Business management person entrepreneur spirit develops the job to have important guiding to the project of the enterprise action, it is the torch that ignites whole company poineering enthusiasm. Dalian is petro-chemical the company is faced with in the beginning of hold water without gain ability strong advocate business Wu, without exterior market, do not have market sale experience " 3 without " corner. The leading group of the company begins to improve the gain ability of company original business on one hand, on the other hand earnest before all worker acceptance wants to be in 2 years in produce new project, the development that is a company finds way. The determination of controller sweeps the panicky atmosphere inside the organization and empty, bring the view of company staff to the direction of development enterprising.

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