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Strengthen project culture to consider to realize gain of 4 bassoon manage

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Yao Bing is in the problem decides to make a speech on seminar of management of site of countrywide bldg. construction and project culture construction

The project management of our country manages experience to begin from project of hydroelectric station of change of study Lu Bu, already had 20 years up to now. Because had a project,running the development of theory and experience advance rapidly, the bldg. of our country just is met so healthy, the talent of project management just is met thrive. In with when all is entered, of change quickly today, the research that has a system to issue of project culture construction and analysis are particularly necessary.
Project culture has two big property, it is culture attribute, it is socialism the one part of advanced culture. The 2 attribute that are culture management and intellectual management. From the point of angle of tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, driven makes management, action management, multivariate managing reach comprehensive management, arrive to manage quite, expand present intellectual management and culture government finally. Current China, good luck is unprecedented, and the challenge also is unprecedented; Good luck is more than a challenge, conquer challenge, also gained opportunity. Current, project culture is facing a lot of challenges, basically have the challenge of 5 respects: It is undesirable go to be challenged regularly, 2 it is the challenge with sincere letter not perfect system, the 3 challenges that are screwy and human relation, the 4 challenges that are low bad habit, the 5 challenges that are a see things but not people.
So, what is the mark of project culture achievement? Basically be to catch project culture to build, its target is to realize “ ” of 4 big gain:
A high grade project
What calls high grade project? It is tractor dry mass. Civil building 50 years, the key builds 100 years, structural safety, need not say more. 2 it is functional quality. The building is the service that it is a person, it has particular function. For instance the residence, sitting room big, corridor grows small, bedroom, toilet is not ventilated etc, attribute functional quality difference. 3 it is glamour quality. The building is artistic, attractive, beautiful, the building can affect a person. We arrive anyplace, what see above all is a building, because build transmission culture. 4 be can develop quality continuously. Wait for what the respect maintains the mankind to be able to develop continuously in the sources of energy, resource, environment namely, our construction cost can be more. How to make sure the project is energy-saving effectively reduce platoon, item managing, environment is friendly, it is major task. 5 it is service brand quality. Enterprise of any person, any is put in a brand. China is the manufacturing industry on the world big country, but not be production powerful nation, it is small country of a brand more, real industry makes a brand we are very few. Want to make our bldg. brand, make our project brand, return shoulder heavy responsibilities. High grade brand and project manager have very big concern, of manager of an outstanding project grow, include the help of constituent education and person of the same trade, expending many constituent natural resources and social natural resources, no matter take up a political career,treat point of view or from economics angle, if project manager putrefaction, it is the huge loss of unit and society. Want to avoid this kind of loss as far as possible, the most important is to strengthen project manager to control oneself, in the meantime, offer a kind of effective ego to tie, industry controls oneself and organize supervisory mechanism for project manager, want Fan Yushu of manager of outstanding like the whole nation project in that way “ conscientiously is an upright person, the strong ” that build a house.
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