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Project project manages medium quality to control 5 element

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Summary: The quality in project project management controls main show to be the quality control of construction organization and construction site, pilot content includes craft quality control and product quality control. Element of influence quality pilot basically has " person, material, mechanical, method and environment " wait for 5 big fields. Accordingly, control strictly to element of this 5 respects, it is the key that assures project quality.

Keyword: Project project manages quality to control element

One, the person's element

The person's element basically points to the leader's quality, operate level of the theory of personnel, technology, physiology blemish, carelessness, the violate the rules and regulations that violate discipline. The control of the element to the person should consider above all when construction, because the person is the main body of construction process, personnel of the project technical staff that the formation of project quality is machined Cheng project construction by all ginseng, operation, service personnel is collective action, they are the main factors that form project mass. Above all, should increase their quality awareness. The 5 grand sight in applying work staff to ought to be cultivated read aloud namely benefit of the quality first idea, idea that accuses to give priority to beforehand, idea that serves for the user, idea that talks with data and social benefit, enterprise (quality, cost, . Next, it is the person's quality. Quality of personnel of leader layer, technology is high. Decision-making capability is strong, have the capacity that stronger quality program, management by objectives, construction is organized and instructor, quality examines; Administrative system is perfect, technical measure is capable, project quality is high. Handle the working style of work with due and masterly technology skill, meticulous personnel, implement the legal idea of quality standard and operating rules strictly; Service personnel should make good technology and life service, with outstanding working quality, indirect ground is protected draft project mass. Improve the person's quality, can rely on quality education, spirit and the organic union with incentive material, also can rely on to groom and actor or actress anthology, undertake post technology training.

2, material element

Material (include fittings of raw material, finished product, semi-manufactured goods, compose) the corporeal condition that is engineering construction, material quality is the foundation of project quality, material quality does not accord with a requirement, project quality accords with a standard impossibly also. Strengthen the quality control of material so, be those who improve project quality is important assure. Function of the component that the factor that affects material quality basically is material, physics, chemical function, material pilot point has: 1) actor choosing purchases personnel, it is the political quality that improves them and quality appraisal level, certain to choose those having professional knowledge. Devoted to the person of the career holds the position of this job. 2) master material information, actor chooses the manufacturer that offer money. 3) reasonable organization material is supplied, ensure stop constant construction. 4) the examination that strengthens material is checked and accept, father to close quality. 5) the spot government that pays good stuff, had done reasonable use. 6) do well the experiment of material, inspection man is made. According to statistical data, charge of the material in building a project occupies the 70 % that always invest or more, because such, after a few contractor are taking a project. For seek more interest, parameter of the breed that does not ask by project technology standard, norms, technology purchase relevant finished product or semi-manufactured goods, or because purchase personnel quality low, to its the quality of raw material does not undertake be controllinged effectively, let things drift, from which collection rake-off and benefit expenses. Return some enterprises to do not have mechanism of perfect administrative mechanism and tie, in cannot putting an end to unqualified sham, false and inferior product and raw material to enter engineering construction, leave quality snake in the grass to the project. Height of science and technology develops today, be material examine the means that provided science. The country had detailed introduction to its in standard of concerned construction technology, we want to be carried out strictly only in actual construction, with respect to the quality that can ensure construction place uses data.
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