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FIDIC term and conditions of contract is practical skill -- the project distribu
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International contracts the project is in executive process, the most complex with one of a Gordian knots it is project cent bag, include business besides owner, advisory engineer, total contractor and cent among them mutual outside the complex relation between, still involve relevant parties the position in the contract, responsibility and obligation. When debt of any one party insolvency in should producing owner, total contractor and cent bag business especially go bankrupt even, damage square how the basis concerns a contract from reasonable compensation receives over there the other one party that still has solvency, be about to depend on greatly the success of relevant job before cent is wrapped.

Total contractor and cent include the concern of business

The main characteristic that project cent wraps is: Look from the angle of the market, at this moment buyer of total contractor since is a bargainor, he should bear entire legislation and economic responsibility to owner already, should wrap business to undertake administrative according to subcontracting bisect again and fulfil concerned obligation.

Distributing a packet is opposite of at always contracting character, the concept that distributes a packet is for the interest of total contractor at first and put forward, the principle is can will or a certain number of particular engineering construction branch wraps someone else, but cannot divide a bag to go out with the responsibility the contract and obligation. Total contractor cannot expect to adopt minute of package, escape oneself the law in the contract and economic responsibility, the job that still needs to divide packet of business to wait for a respect in quality of design, project and plan to its bears overall responsibility, and the business that distribute a packet wants those who accept total contractor to plan as a whole to arrange and attemper in the spot, the responsibility that just assumes the regulation inside subcontracting to total contractor fulfils relevant obligation.
Cent bag is in jural belong to be commissioned to honor the agreement (VicariousPerformance) , and owner is in contract the 3rd / the 4th (turn concessive cent is wrapped) in it is absolutely prohibit be opposite all be commissioned of the project honors the agreement, the building site that does not allow total contractor to include its mainest power and bisect business namely coordinates authority all pass on includes business to cent, although distribute a packet,business must want to be in charge of to total contractor. Contract the 3rd (the contract is made over) in be narrated " make over a contract " (AssigntheCon-tract) and contract the 4.1st (cent is wrapped) medium " cent includes whole project " (it is same that SubcontractthewholeoftheWorks) can say a meaning, it is to prohibit total contractor whole project all subcontract goes out. If contractor was not obtained,do sth without authorization distributes a packet, criterion owner is adducible contract the 63.1st (contractor break a contact) (E) undertake condemnatory to total contractor. Accordingly, contract in international on engineering market, the partial be commissioned that common is course owner approval honors the agreement, it is the project content that in the contract the regulation in special provision can assign a bag and a per cent normally. Total contractor wants all-around the work that the ground separates packet of business with respect to its in every respect is responsible to owner, like working as oneself.
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