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FIDIC term and conditions of contract is practical skill -- plan plans a clause
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International contracts the project is in construction process, contractor should do good construction to organize plan to plan, the attention analyses each process when honor the agreement between interdependent and restrict a relation, the crucial working procedure that finds out influence project plan namely crucial method, handle the feedback function that CPM pursues, the probability that affects plan possibly to all sorts of interference elements and plan procrastinate period loss value undertakes forecast and be adjustmented, had seized the plan control of executive phase. The 14th when we discuss FIDIC contract to plan about plan under application with other concerned item.

The 14.1st plan that should submit plans

Contractor should submit plan of a plan when bid, still organize list of scale of pay of detailed list of specification, mechanical equipment, foreign currency, main administrator and personal details to wait with construction normally. These data are necessary when advisory engineer undertakes reviewing bid, the relevant job that bids to believe firmly contractor is in level has realised to assure project time limit for a project place should be done especially -- but the spends a plan not to belong to this definition definitely plan plan that submits at this moment. Contractor answers problem of time limit for a project to make serious analysis and feasible arrangement when quote, because plan is controlled,affect the of all kinds cost of the project directly with construction method.

Once acquire owner win the bid advice note, contractor is inside the time time limit that the 14.1st special condition sets the contract (it is 21 days commonly) should submit plan of a plan and construction organization specification, win the approval of advisory engineer. The plan plan that submits at this moment and construction organization specification should be more accurate, it is right when bidding edit, the purpose depends on economy and use personnel and equipment effectively to wait for resource, ensure the satisfactory end of the contract. Plan plan is the good plan that has time coordinate and CPM graph normally, corresponding construction organization specification wants pair of working procedure arrangement and construction method to make roughly literal description.

FIDIC contract thinks contractor should assume ultimate responsibility to its project and economic behavior. Plan plans to be in charge of completely by contractor, construction organization should be arranged by oneself, submitting advisory engineer is to listen to proposal sex opinion only, advisory engineer is opposite only among them not proper or the place that do not accord with a contract are offerred seek advice, give contractor reference.

Although in the contract proclaimed in writing stipulates contractor should submit plan to plan and construction organization explain and be obtained,seek advice from the engineer's approval, but these data do not belong to contract document normally (also plan to organize demonstrative) with construction without plan in the detailed list that in format of FIDIC contract agreement the 2nd place lists contract document, the contract that does not add owner or contractor is compulsory, just provided frame of reference of a time, owner and contractor do not suffer his to restrict. Contractor cannot be accepted when the autograph is made an appointment with include a contract plan plan forcibly.
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