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FIDIC term and conditions of contract is practical skill -- condition of claim f
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The frame relation of FIDIC contract is owner, advisory engineer, contractor between Trinitarian.

Advisory engineer is having the effect of filter and bolt between owner and contractor, he should be independent between owner and contractor the ground grasps according to the contract fair resolution, the contract provision apply mechanically that is about to concern arrives on the specific event that produce, justice is not had lean on the ground to supervise a project to carry out.

Advisory engineer does not regard a contract as any medium one party, carry out for the project consequently, he has authority to serve as bagman to issue a statement and restrain both sides to owner and contractor, exercise is jural the right of accurate arbiter, owner has no right to affect the decision that interferes advisory engineer even. In the meantime, contractor should be sure to keep in mind: The service that owner provides to seek advice from engineer place pays salary. On this meaning, what can say owner is advisory engineer is master.

As contractor, honor the agreement the routine in the process basically is interact with advisory engineer, a lot of specific arrangements need to obtain its to approbate first before carry out reach recommend. Want special attention, with everything of advisory engineer and owner come-and-go must use written form, should bring as far as possible in correspondence reach concerned fact according to contract provision, build the system of sign after receiving sth of dispatch, accomplish rational to have according to.

Company of Chinese civil engineering is in some country bear the department of project of a highway that build uses FIDIC contract 1977 the 3rd edition, contract forehead is 9.81 million dollar, time limit for a project 24 months, advisory engineer comes from England an old brand consults a company.

The project is in executive process, encounter this country and neighbour to produce controversial issue, neighbour one-sided closes two countries border, stop to provide fuel to this landlocked nation, create stop work of engineering of project main body 9 many months, be contract time limit for a project 37% strong, belong to significant risk. We concern a provision by contract, argue strongly, through a year of much hard bargaining, score success of fuel crisis claim for compensation finally. Amount of claim for compensation amounts to 4.29 million dollar, 44% be contract forehead, and at this point postpone time limit for a project 29 months.

This project happens in fuel crisis hind, in the bargaining of claim for compensation that reachs owner with advisory engineer, read mark book through grinding seriously, we basically applied FIDIC contract to concern a provision below.
The 2nd seeks advice from the engineer's right and obligation
Owner is in commonly the contract adds restriction in special provision: "Increase amount of claim for compensation of premium, check and ratify to giving contractor, affirm lengthen time limit for a project to wait for the decision that will bring about a project to increase expenditure, advisory engineer must sign up for classics owner to approve beforehand " . Company of Chinese civil engineering bear this project that build increases a special provision namely the 2.3rd, add the influence restriction of pair of advisory engineers. So, it is good to should notice to be done in effort while advisory engineer dredge works, must not ignore owner to be in the decision claim for compensation, main effect when lengthening time limit for a project.
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