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Group of engineering field project builds a method (new! Group of engineering fi

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The group of engineering field project that project management experience shares builds a method (brief introduction of activity of Nanjing PMClub7 month) a report ever had said, 20 years ago, when the company such as Feng Tian, Woerwo introduces the group in manufacturing process, ceng Hong is moved temporarily. A lot of media pursue and attack the working process that reports these groups and achievement. But after 20 years today, 500 strong in if which company did not use group form, can become news heat. Mere time of 20 years, the group has gained ground so, permeate each each preeminent companies, branches, even the government sector serves as leader group cannot the link of oversight undertakes building. In a such competition intense with each passing day environment falls, red-blooded, be brave in the group of enterprising, will be in trade war invincible. The construction project field that is in China especially, from personnel of course of study numerous, the project technology respect of this domain is quite mature, but still be in in group construction respect start level perhaps says is to return those who do not have a system, have specific aim undertake the group is built, this benign to the whole of this domain development is very adverse. The group that we are necessary to consider and search an effective builds a method, make our group is full of competition ability, create greater value for the enterprise. How can you just make so give a such preeminent groups? The specially invite honored guest of club activity will combine his more than 10 years to construct engineering field from already check, share the original understanding that builds an aspect in the group and deep experience for everybody. Mobile time: On July 29, 2007 (on Saturday) be like afternoon be about to know a detail, dial a hotline please: All circles public figure that 8470 1461/0 welcomes to be interested in this activity theme attends!
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