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One of soft skill promotion that project manager needs- - my administrative styl

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Of PMCLUB series activity

Middle-level controller runs skill promotion

The part acknowledge of the controller of ― and ego management style check

Sponsor: Limited company of contemporary and predominant group

Assist do: Club of Beijing project handler

MTP (ability of government of Management Training Program trains course) it is research organization of American business management and world the business management personnel of more than 10 famous transnational corporation cooperates, study the course of development to raise business management level effectively. In the 2nd big afterwar introduce Japan, get comprehensive promotion, it is Japanese industry group at present most all-pervading management trains course, the administrative cadre that has accepted training exceeds 1 million person-time, to productivity of business of level of promotion Japan business management, stimulative Japan rise, ability of competition of international of aggrandizement Japan enterprise, produced inestimable effect.

After MTP course introduces home oneself, training the discovery in practice, the content of former course is fixed, insufficient mainland turns case; Lecture means is inflexible dead. In view of this, what instructor combines a Chinese is idiosyncratic and the solid Wu experience that comes in business management for years, shirt-sleeve tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, psychology and behavior learn, development went to suit the training course of personnel of Chinese business management.

Please presence on September 14, 2007 13: 45, 16: 45

Sunny area founds a state road 93 10 thousand amount to square 2 buildings 301 rooms

Curricular characteristic:

MTP trains course, pay attention to student to get knowledge not only (administrative idea principle is tuitional reach discuss) , pay attention to student to learn to solve real problem at the same time (case analysis and part drilling) , emphasize the real operation after the class, come true truly thereby " know " , " row " the training effect of syncretic.

Hold the position of the instructor of this course, ever was in charge of employee grooming in full-time of SamSung China headquarters 10 one's remaining years, have rich company grooms and manage practice experience, be good at what the management involved and abstruse makes popularization of explain the profound things in a simple way theoretically explaining, guide student to understand administrative theory and skill, let student learn the most practical government technical ability.

Enter meeting boy or girl friend:
The personage of project manager, branch manager, market, selling manager, personage that purchases the hope such as professional personage to enhance individual government technical ability.

Basically be benefited:
Student carries the drill that runs knowledge and skill, relevant management skill is fulfilled work at day-to-day management, in order to promote business management performance, enhance company core competition ability, make individual and company are benefited at the same time, implementation double win.
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