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Beijing the club will groom freely on March 28 " the money that how manages you

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Of PMCLUB series activity
Pass on old student, associate with new friend
-- the money that how manages you

Lecture time On March 28, 2008 (Zhou Wu afternoon)

Lecture place is contemporary and prominent groom classroom (area of Beijing rising sun founds a state road 93 10 thousand amount to square 301 rooms of 2 buildings)

Core content
1, the basic idea that summarizes conduct financial transactions -- you pay no attention to money, money pays no attention to you!
2, analysis of channel of existing conduct financial transactions and quite -- conduct financial transactions has!
3, establish scientific and reasonable idea
The basic principle of conduct financial transactions and basic method can be generalized for " a center, 3 main point " :

It is a center in order to manage fund namely, it is start with assemble money, attach most importance to a dot in order to lay money, it is safeguard in order to protect money.

The key of conduct financial transactions in 3 period divides life for, the key of conduct financial transactions of young period is: Emphasize assemble fund, the attempt invests. The key of conduct financial transactions of middleaged period is: Continue assemble money, invest energetically. The key of conduct financial transactions of senile period is: Custodial good money, a few investment.

4, what does conduct financial transactions bring to us
-- millionaire begins from one yuan!
-- wait for me rich again conduct financial transactions?
-- person give change is difficult, cash give change is easy!
-- had made an investment!

5, enchanted be inferior to the action---Make from today
-- conduct financial transactions is a kind of habit actually!
-- succeed even if, simple thing, repeat go doing!

6, make clear a few concepts: Compound interest of? of Pu Da miscellaneous cover with a straw mat, 72 law
-- compound interest, be called by Einstein " the 8th big miracle " !


Get numerous boy or girl friend
Old student, new friend -- all is opposite " conduct financial transactions " interested new friend old friend! !

Student demand
ØShift to an earlier date 2 days to sign up;

ØPunctual attend.

Instructor brief introduction

Mr Yu Hongze

ØDivision of adviser of finance affairs of attestation of association of division of adviser of international attestation finance affairs (RFC number CRBJ00408)

ØMember of club of international of division of Chinese finance conduct financial transactions

Ø"People economy " magazine choose is presiding one of division of conduct financial transactions

Lecture charge
1, contemporary and outstanding before student or new friend sign up ahead of schedule, can attend freely;
2, contemporary and outstanding before PMP student can enjoy 120 yuan / the privilege of 2 PDU (recommend PMP student successfully, give 5 PDU freely) .
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