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Club of handler of project of contemporary and predominant group (PMClub) Nanjin

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News in brief: The course raises money with all possible means, club of handler of project of contemporary and predominant group (PMClub) Nanjing stands the seventeenth period the activity is in eventually everybody's expectation in sound held afternoon on March 22, 2008, obtained anticipate consummation.
Chun Nuanhua leaves, the club also greeted new spring: Since station of Nanjing of project handler club will hold water 6 years on July 21, arrive to hold multiform mobile 1 successfully already 7 times at present, have member of project management elite 120 more than person, ceaselessly new member is joined. To satisfy the desire that everybody learns further and communicates, below the premise that did many survey work in early days, pass much square connection, we are engineered finally and the organization arranged this second Nanjing spot of project of the 2nd heat and power plant sees an activity.
The message just was released, each member answers the club in succession, right this second visiting activity shows strong interest. A few members that cannot join at the appointed time also offerred high attention and positive return, express a regret to cannot entering this activity, hope to still can organize such activity later.
The spot visits conditional limitation, we ended to sign up for celebrity to count ahead of schedule. Look around before today, what rain falls is very big, outside wanting to work overtime or be in temporarily with the part besides student of a few other places, be away on official business drive the student that does not answer Nanjing, the others student signing up all arrived in time to set out place, whole activity undertakes in order. Subsequently we reach visiting project spot, project square controller visits the site, combine Nanjing the experience that the visit estate project that project of the 2nd pyroelectricity reachs him ten years manages, " power project industry always contracts project management " this one theme did development to be shared racily for everybody, everybody feels income is quite much. Later, we are in of controller of group of 2 hot items guide next visitting whole project spot, entered 2 hot workshop and central control room to have all-around visiting study.
The activity ends, everybody the departure of be reluctant to part, square to 2 hot items job expressed cordial gratitude!

Interested individual or unit can get in touch with branch of PMC Lub Nanjing Miss Zheng,

Phone: 025-84701461;

PMC Lub Nanjing stands

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