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Contemporary and outstanding (Beijing) consummation of PMP prize-giving celebrat

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Contemporary and outstanding (Beijing)PMPPrize-giving celebration consummation

Afterwards PMP promulgated on April 22, 2008 the PMP September 11 was greeted to promulgate again after card celebration card, invite invitation friends with early arrived assembly room, student is very excited say with us, the PMP that learns in this is before him, already passed several years now, come back now the environment did not change even if new PMP is a lot of more those who feel special is kind.

Celebration is punctual at 2 o'clock afternoon begin, one of themes are to give new PMP to issue letter, the joyance that looks at everybody to be concealed hard and excited, PMP people publish feeling character to say: "Project management can bring the results that expect is less than to the following job, and do the efficiency in in handling the work, increase in item process later " .

Next old student shares: Narrate is worn from 2000 contemporary and outstanding the first batch of student (the first batch of PMP that also are home) be the same as to now contemporary and outstanding experience of nearly 10 years when had walked along wind storm rain jointly, some also has become PMP senior lecturer now, some in order to be international the tall canal of well-known company, combining them these year working experience, narrate is worn study project management brings gain to them, sigh with emotion extremely, what old student tells is vivid, what new student listens is carried, looking forward to end to come.

Last segment is by international company project manages academy assistant dean, chinese project manages one of division standard constitutor, assistant dean of project management academy closes in the United States, the system closes to ponder over academy assistant dean in the United States, national hair changes appoint hire instructor round member especially, the manpower resource of many state-owned company is advisory, advanced and advisory Mr. Hou and student share the project of unit of much homemaking government office together "Project management system thinks----Company project manages systematic compose to build train of thought "Add lecture color of the teacher, the enthusiasm that student is caught by such atmosphere is rising, in Mr. Hou the after sharing student of 2 hours quizs in succession undertake communicating.
Outstanding send word: Acknowledgment is so old come everybody is right contemporary and outstanding support and deep love, we are met as always, should the party of everybody that asks we also can hold this kind regularly.

PMP promulgates card

Hou teachs division lecture

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