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Tie law reachs his to run medium application in the project
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Project management experience shares
Tie law reachs his to run medium application in the project
(brief introduction of activity of Nanjing PMClub6 month)

TOC (Theory Of Constraints restrains a law) it is Israel book physicist and Great Master of canal of look forward to Dr. Gaodelate (Dr. The method of a business management that place of Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt) invents. TOC is an advanced administrative strategy, be aimed at the big difficult problem of the enterprise, offer a series of revolutionary means of settlements. How is staff of TOC direct company found out run go up " bottleneck " (or say " tie " Constraints) , reach how make the most of the limited natural resources on their hand (the) such as capital, equipment, personnel, your enterprise is reached inside extremely short time need not below a large number of additional investment, amount to send run the marked improvement that reachs gain to go up.

TOC 幷 is not complex, the expert of a lot of industry praise for " simple and active common sense management " , think TOC plans than MRP(stock demand) reach JIT(to produce a system in time) return superior, TOC also manages for TQM(overall quality) reach flow of BPR (company to transform) provided an effective tool, 幷 surmounted them.
TOC includes a series of logistic tools, call TOC thinking method (Thinking Processes) , and by and extend the meaning comes out, be aimed at an enterprise the system of applied special subject of all sorts of problems.

Nowadays enterprise and orgnaization of research and development often are in multinomial eye below powerful market pressure the condition of collateral development, what how use limited natural resources to realize the effective output of much project is the biggest change more and more the issue that becomes us to need is faced actively and be solved, tie law is in as a kind Euramerican the project management method with applied more popular and relatively mature development, more and more be taken seriously.

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