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PMP should try elite one
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Of PMCLUB series activity
Annals is in must

- the sprint before PMP is taken an examination of is pithy

Lecture time
On May 31, 2007

Lecture place
Contemporary and outstanding groom classroom (area of Beijing rising sun founds a state road 93 10 thousand amount to square 2 buildings 301 rooms)

Core content
1, PMP exam reviews a point;

2, PMP should try skill;

3, PMCLUB free initiate.

Curricular setting
As PMI " forum of 7 years of governments " success is in Beijing is held, project management attestation and groom in domain of Chinese major project more comprehensive, thorough ground spread out. Face our country to arrive 2010 breach the demand of obtain employment market of 70 thousand PMP, signed up a few days ago the staff that joins PMP exam more eagerly.

As China first are introduced, the organizer that also is exam of domestic PMP first time and official of be in charge of an examination, contemporary and outstanding in PMP the exam fors reference the respect has original secretary Ji. Come 5 years, this one course that group of contemporary and outstanding expert develops is holding domestic highest percent of pass from beginning to end.

Contemporary eminent the person that jump over the translator that is newest 04 edition PMBOK and final version, have absolutely authority to the understanding of exam outline, this second lecture our specially invite compiles a group to this book the original understanding that main participator Mr. Yun Qian gives everybody to share her to take an exam to PMP and result, the help student achieves the result of get twice the result with half the effort.

Main income
1, adroitness control project manages intellectual architecture;

2, familiar PMP gives problem train of thought to reach answer skill;

3, improve study efficiency, enhance self-confident heart, take an exam smoothly through PMP.

Get numerous boy or girl friend
1, the personnel that prepares to attend PMP to take an exam;

2, the personnel that is interested in project management.

Student demand
Have certain control and understanding to PMBOK.

Reference book book
" PMBOK " " how to prepare PMP to take an exam "

Instructor brief introduction
Ms. Yun

Beijing is contemporary outstanding managing technical communication center is high advisory division, project manages professional instructor. Ever took office as at media and IT industry many well-known company, have old project management, quality management to carry out experience, ceng Xian hind establishs report of letter, Motolora, north for SUN, Xi Menzi, Nuojiya, love, head petrifaction of oil of letter, China, China, big the Tang Dynasty, east soft, Kangmingsi, Guangdong moves, Jiangsu.

Lecture charge
1, PMCLUB member: Attend freely, enjoy 120 yuan / the privilege of 2 PDU (recommend student successfully, PDU is given freely) ;
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