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PMP exam experience (2)

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Think of which respecting, the hope gives everybody a few referenced opinions, can have the help of little:

Interpreter of 1, mandarin is basic and OK, so everybody need not worry about language problem overly. Because a lot of data are of English, english basically is used when be being reviewed so, but Chinese basically looks only when the exam, of course some of title checked with English, ensure the validity of the answer.

2, still should become a problem, and I think should be more better, wider better, I basically was done 1500 will inscribe, of Chinese, English have completely, the title that when taking an exam so, feels presiding is more, although not be just the same, but the method that solves a problem and train of thought are very good hold.

3, groom the effect that play still goes, more crucial is discuss relevant subject together with everybody, understand the problem of the respect such as the pertinent information that takes an exam before.

4, basically use the off hours after coming off work to undertake reviewing, use quite, the time of 3 months is used quite.

The book of 5, PMBOK read 4 times, must read, best English, chinese, can let you understand a lot of things again.

The solution on 6, net is inscribed, include epicycle to talk about those who get some difficulty problem to solve before be being taken an examination of again, had better not look, because of a lot of problem several kinds of answers, can make you very nervous instead, not know what to do, also hope mottled bamboo gives a few final answers to concerning the solution of the problem at the same time.

7, I basically am to read a book first, go up again groom class, read a book again, become a problem next, a week before taking an examination of is reading Chinese book, regard the title that pass next, take an exam next. The problem of the problem that sees had been done formerly and err is very serious, want have a thorough grasp, be no good write down forcedly.

Before a few problems when 8, exam are done do not have chart a bit, after crossing 15 problems, basically with respect to begin, a few are taken forbid choose first, draw a number, the examination is to considering consider, I examined 120 problems in all (time is checked entirely not quite, a few have not been necessary to check) , changed 3.

9, area has, those who drink is basic and trashy, went up to wade however toilet, also calculate rest rest.

10, exam began at 9 o'clock, but must arrive earlier, because the place of examination room enters billiard-marker to match now, discharge very long line, and this kind of means is very unscientific, of this project management can not feel compliment. ·

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