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About PDU add cost trades certificate explanation of common problem government

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1. How much is charge? How do I pay?
Current fare level is a member 60 dollars, blame member 150 dollars. This is not year of cost, however the fee that every attestation cycle needs to hand in. In your current attestation cycle, refer when you continue when attestation files form, need pays this charge to play one attestation cycle in order to undertake manage continuously. This one form can be in you are current after attestation cycle date of expiration refer inside 90 days.

2. At what purpose is the fee that I pay used?
Charge can use support to continue to your the next the abidance of attestation cycle manages, include but not be confined to:
Let PMI(project run association) capable to dog PDU,
Answer about continueing attestation plans, the individual's PDU records the problem with individual PMP condition,
Maintain on-line PMP to inquire a library, can let organize the information that inquires current PMP.

3. How am I obtained continue does attestation file form?
When the PDU number that becomes you is achieved or exceeding the amount that current attestation cycle requires, form can be sent you by automatic mail. When the attestation that prepares cycle of proceed the next when you, put in form 's charge to still give us and pay fee. Application can be after your current attestation cycle date of expiration 90 days are referred. If your connection kind produces change, contact with us please, ensure you can receive form in time.

4. How do I pay?
Can pass check / bill of exchange / credit card pays fee, do not accept out-of-pocket expense. Terms of payment includes:
1) pay; through any main international credit card
2) use dollar has bank remit money / bill of exchange pays, pay please " Project Management Institute "
Bank remit money pays; please
PMI Global Operations Center
Four Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square, pennsylvania 19073-3299
3) use dollar has bank telegraphic transfer money, the detail is as follows:
Account name: Project Management Institute
Account of bank of PMI telegraphic transfer money is as follows:
Wachovia Bank
3515West Chester Pike
Newtown Square, pennsylvania 19073 USA
Phone: 610-356-2265
Fax: 610-359-9432
Account Number: 2014183097209
Routing Transit Number: 031201467
Swift Code: PNBPUS33
Attention: You need to pay telegraphic transfer money trading poundage.
Attention: You are responsible the problem in handling process of telegraphic transfer money and discrepancy.
If you use means of telegraphic transfer money, inform PMI customer service of the center please, whether to already finish with letting PMI can be checked and check pay.

5. Can be PMI offerred remove fee?
If PMP is stopped as a result of the following reason,become PMP, criterion PMI can be offerred remove fee.
PMP exits attestation
PMP cannot abide by the policy of PMI, if violate behavior standard, be cancelled thereby attestation
PMI can rectify what maintain attestation no longer every year of corresponding charge of 1/3 to return an individual. But the fee that your attestation ends PMI meeting collection one year this. For example: If you cancelled what attestation is in the 2nd year inside your attestation cycle to asked to remove fee on January 30, you will receive the untapped in cycle the 3rd years whole remove fee. Following place show:
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