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PDU common problem
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1. The PMI(project that what is me runs association) ID date?

PMI ID date is to become them to apply for attestation at first when the exam, issue the individual's number. If the individual applies for to become a member, it also is the number that the individual uses. This one number is mixed with PDU of Yu Shen newspaper examine online PDU to record. The PMP that does not know PMI ID number can contact branch of PMI customer service to get. (ask an attention: This one number calls your membership number normally, but you do not need to become a member) .

2. What is my PMP number?

PMP number is the ID date of PMP certificate. It can be found on PMP certificate. Be called " attestation number " .

3. Continue what is the requirement that attestation asks to plan?

Every PMP need is contented continue attestation asks to plan, in order to maintain PMP attestation. PMP of requirement of this one plan obtains lowermost numerary inside 3 years of cycle 60 PDU, after finishing PDU, refer PMP to continue attestation application. PMP must continue to observe the standard of PMP profession behavior of PMI together.

4. What is professional development unit (PDU) ?

Of the studies an activity time that PDU is pair of structuralization measure. To formal study activity, curricular content should set mediumly with domain of the knowledge in PMBOK® guideline and process consistent. The study activity of 1 hour of systematization can obtain a PDU. If can press study 1/4 hours of the activity under 1 hour (0.25) computation, accumulative total and into a hour. (the rest that plans every hour 10 minutes can include to be in 1 hour inside. ) ask an attention: The PDU of specific amount can pass professional service and specific professional activity to obtain.

5.The professional development activity of which kinds of type can apply for PDU?

PDU can be obtained through all sorts of activities, include the study of project management or service. Continue the kind that attestation plans includes all sorts of proper major to expand an activity. PMP can pass the activity of a variety of types or a kind of activity of the type to obtain 60 PDU of all regulations. In onefold type in the activity cannot from the 5th kind (professional service) , 2sdl kind (self-study activity) with 2h kind (the person that project management is carried out) 60 PDU that win all provisions.

6. Do I need to obtain the PDU of all types?

Not, PDU can be passed use all, part or a kind of activity that provide a kind will obtain.

7. I participated in an activity (like academic course or lecture) . But have partial content and project government only among them relevant. How do I determine the amount of PDU?

Below this kind of circumstance, PMP should estimate the scale that runs direct and relevant time with the project, allocate PDU accordingly. For example, in the course of 15 hours if have the time of the half,be related to project management, can obtain 7.5 PDU. If PMP is smoked in undertake be checkupped randomly, need prepares a data to confirm the estimation of pair of activity time.
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