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PMI morality and professional behavior are normative
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Note: Chinese standard offers reference only, it is with English standard please accurate.

The first chapter wishs scene and suitable scope
1.1 wish scene and purpose
As the person that project management is carried out, we are affirmatory with be being mixed correctly just means act. We establish high level to oneself. We seek all respects in the life, in the job, family and professional service, satisfy these standards.
Morality and professional behavior standard described us to manage the expectation of the same person carry out in the group to oneself and global project. It showed our pursuit explicitly, and the act that must perform in major and volunteer part.
Normative purpose is to be a project to manage self-confidence of professional and progressively infuse, help the person that the individual becomes better practice. We come to such doing through establishing the professional understanding of pair of appropriate action. The reliability harmony that we believe project management is professional looks is by individual the collective action of the person that carry out forms.
Through observing morality and professional behavior standard, we believe us to be able to promote professional development from individual and collective level. We also believe the standard will help us make clever decision-making, when facing us to may be asked to make concessional difficult position in integrity or respect of viewpoint of value face to face especially.
Our hope morality and professional behavior standard will learn as someone else, discuss and the activator when compose morality and viewpoint of value. And, we hope this one standard will be used finally at building to erupt simultaneously the major that exhibits us.
1. The personage with 2 applicable standards
Morality and professional behavior standard apply to:
1. 2. Member of 1 all PMI
1. 2. Member of 2 blame PMI but contented and the following the personage of one or more standard:
1. Have the blame member of PMI attestation
2. Application abides by the blame member of PMI attestation flow
3. Serve the blame member at PMI with volunteer means
Explain: Have PMI® (project government institute) attestation (it is member or dispute member no matter) still need to abide by PMP® (the project manages professional public figure) or CAPM® (assistant project manages professional public figure) professional behavior standard, continue to observe the morality of PMI and professional behavior standard. In the past, PMI is right still member and attestation personage set moral standard respectively. The conclusion of the person that make contributive interests to formulate standard is to have many standards are disagreement need. Everybody must abide by a high level. So, this standard applies to PMI member and the public figure that apply for or win PMI attestation. No matter whether are its PMI member.
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