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PMP exam experience (one)
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China first PMP exam ends smoothly already. Regard personal experience as the examinee that takes an exam this, I wish to share the following experience and experience and the person of the same trade that annals will attend this exam henceforth.

One, how to overcome phonetic difficulty

Attend PMP exam with English, a lot of examinee feel to have phonetic difficulty. Investigate its reason, I think the likelihood basically has two sides: The English expression that is professional to project management term is not familiar; The 2 Baconian methods that are systems of pair of the knowledge in PMBOK GUIDE are not familiar. Had accepted domestic higher education and the person of English achievement qualification, its are communal the study that English level uses at coping with project management knowledge should be unchallenged. The term in PMBOK GUIDE is being read repeatedly on the foundation here is expressed, deepen understanding and memory, what to capturing the first kind of reason causes is difficult, believe to be able to have certain help.

The experts of institute of American project government and industry pass old practice, rolled out the PMBOK GUIDE that we see today 1996. It and before the different point of PMBOK text depends on it managing the project what intellectual system passes trends to use a process (PROCESS) will induce. Understood an author such thinking and Baconian method, the pattern that grasps study not hard. The phonetic when reducing an exam thereby is unfamiliar feeling.

2, learn in practice and rise

Look from exam result, oneself notch the plan with higher rate and control two parts, it is by chance contact on the job at ordinary times most. Accordingly, practice experience is very main to taking an exam smoothly through PMP. When if can be in,working usually, the theory that notices experience learns and the theory that uses place to learn conciously, will conduce to the concept that forms aggrandizement in brains.

Need solves there are a few problems in PMP exam according to common sense and experience, this also is the check of pair of examinee knowledge faces. Watch itself of project management profession instead, we see not hard, it is problem-oriented. Begin as working development, the mixed problem that we face is more, involved intellectual range is wider also. Keep active, active state of mind goes carrying out, the enlarge general of intellectual face is not difficult imagination.

Want to become project management professional, the effort that is not in one day can be accomplished. The person that wish to have keep in mind unremitting, reach ideal the other shore finally. ·

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