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PDU add expends common problem
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How much is 1. charge? How do I pay?

Current fare level is a member 60 dollars, blame member 150 dollars. This is not year of cost, however the fee that every attestation cycle needs to hand in. In your current attestation cycle, refer when you continue when attestation files form, need pays this charge to play one attestation cycle in order to undertake manage continuously. This one form can be in you are current after attestation cycle date of expiration refer inside 90 days.

At what purpose is the fee that I pay 2. used?

Charge can use support to continue to your the next the abidance of attestation cycle manages, include but not be confined to:

Make PMI capable to dog PDU,

Answer about continueing attestation plans, the individual's PDU records the problem with individual PMP condition,

Maintain on-line PMP to inquire a library, can let organize the information that inquires current PMP.

How do I obtain 3. continue does attestation file form?

PMP continues attestation application form can use two kinds of means to fill in:

After PMP is declared and accumulative total obtains at least 60 PDU, PMP will receive email announcement to undertake continueing attestation.

System of the attestation on the net has been updated recently, allow examinee to finish online PMP to continue conveniently attestation application form. The PMP that finish continues the formalities of attestation and the network address that submit cost are Https://

The user name that uses you please and password login and finish PMP to continue attestation application form.

If you forgot an user,the name is mixed / or password, or if you had not established user name and code, send mail to seek a help to please.

Or, if PMP wants,through mailing means is referred continue attestation form, finish please continue attestation files form (download network address is Http:// .

Continue PMP please attestation form mails:
C/o Continuing Certification Requirements Department
PMI - Global Operations Centre
Four Campus Boulevard,
Newtown Square

How do I pay 4. ?

Can pass check / bill of exchange / credit card pays fee, do not accept out-of-pocket expense. Terms of payment includes:

1) pay; through any main international credit card

2) use dollar has bank remit money / bill of exchange pays, pay please " Project Management Institute "

Bank remit money is collected please

PMI Global Operations Center
Four Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square, pennsylvania 19073-3299

3) use dollar has bank telegraphic transfer money, the detail is as follows:

Account name: Project Management Institute

Account of bank of PMI telegraphic transfer money is as follows:
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