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Invest project capital gold about adjusting partial industry fixed assets propor
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The country is sent [2004]13 date
Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:
Since this year, national economy continues to maintain good momentum, reforming and opening is advanced steadily, social enterprise develops in the round. In the meantime, economy runs medium outstanding contradiction to be shown further, center expression to had grown project of fast, new go into operation in investment overmuch, in construct scale too big, investment structure is unreasonable, steely, electroanalysis industry of aluminous, cement is blind investment, low-level repeat construction the phenomenon is serious, amplitude of estate development investment is exorbitant, development capital depends on a bank to borrow money too much. To strengthen macroscopical adjusting control, adjust and optimize economic structure, the health that promotes afore-mentioned trades develops, decision of the State Council is right " the announcement that the State Council invests system of gold of capital of project try out about fixed assets " (the country sends 〔 1996 〕 35) concerned iron and steel, electroanalysis scale of gold of capital of project of construction of industry of development of aluminous, cement, estate undertakes adjustment: (1 ) scale of gold of steely project capital raises 40 % and above by 25 % and above; (2) cement, electroanalysis aluminous, estate develops a project (do not contain economy applicable room project) capital gold scale raises 35 % and above by 20 % and above.
The concerned regulation of this announcement is carried out since the day of initiative cloth.

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