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Total bureau of state committee of planning, environmental protection releases e
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Valuation case [2002]125 date

Bureau of committee of planning of city of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and city of plan only kind, deputy provincial provincial capital, prices, environmental protection bureau:
For normative construction project environment influence seeks advice collect fees behavior, safeguard entrust just close right increase with advisory orgnaization, raise construction project environment to affect advisory job quality, environment of stimulative construction project affects the healthy progress of advisory course of study, seek advice with respect to environmental influence now collect fees concerned problem informs as follows:
One, environmental influence seeks advice is the important segment in building project early days to work. The environment affects advisory content to include: Work out environment affects transaction (contain outline) , environmental influence report is expressed and affect transaction to the environment (contain outline) , environmental influence reports the watch undertakes the technology is evaluated.
2, influence of construction project environment seeks advice collect fees belong to intermediary service to collect fees, ought to follow open, equal, freewill, paid principle, the environmental influence that entrusts root to concern a regulation to be able to choose to have aptitude independently according to the country evaluates an orgnaization to begin an environment to affect an evaluation to work, corresponding environmental influence evaluates an orgnaization to be in charge of undertaking to evaluating a report the technology evaluates the work.
3, influence of construction project environment seeks advice collect fees implement governmental guidance price, the orgnaization that is engaged in an environment affecting advisory business should set collection fee according to this announcement. Specific rate is evaluated by environmental impact assessment and technology orgnaization and entrust just be a foundation with informing accessory sets fiducial price originally, in fluctuation talk things over inside the extent of 20 % affirmatory.
4, environmental influence seeks advice collect fees it is plan cost base with estimation investment, the basis builds the property with different project and content, adopt part archives norm way by estimation investment plan cost. Inconvenience divides shelf by estimation investment at adopting norm plan expends means, also can adopt be versed in by advisory service day plan is expended. Specific plan cost method sees this announcement accessory.
5, environmental impact assessment, technology evaluates an orgnaization to be engaged in building project environment to affect evaluation, technology to evaluate professional work, must accord with the overall planning of country and project seat and functional division into districts, accord with standard of national industry policy, environment and relevant law, code to set.
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