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Office of Party and goverment officials builds a standard with the room
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Office of Party and goverment officials builds a standard with the room

General principles of the first chapter

The firstIn be being built to public room runs in Party and goverment officials, carry out struggle difficultly, hardworking and thrifty founds a state, practice strict economy, the guiding principle that checks luxury is wasted, reasonable and affirmatory office uses the construction content of the room and construction scale, strengthen manage and supervise, make definitive edition build a standard.

The 2ndBuild the construction standard that the standard unites for the whole nation originally, it is a work out, evaluate and examine and approve Party and goverment officials to do public house project to suggest book and feasibility consider to report, and examine a project initial design and the basis of supervisory examination.

The 3rdMechanism of mechanism of the body that builds a standard to apply to countrywide county class and above party originally, National People's Congress, executive authority, adjudgement, procuratorial work mechanism, and the mass organization office such as labour union, the Youth League, the Women's Federation uses a room (the following abbreviation " office of Party and goverment officials uses a room " ) build a project. Rebuild, extend project consults carry out.

The 4thParty and goverment officials does public house to must undertake building according to the principle of making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, do according to one's abilities, progressively improvement. The construction dimensions that runs public room, should index of the level according to using an unit and work out fixed number of persons, construction order and degree that provides according to this construction standard, floor area is affirmatory.

The 5thProvince (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) , city (the ground, city, alliance) , county (city, banner) the Party and goverment officials that be the same as class and office of mechanism of its directly under center construction with Fang Yi or build jointly, make full use of public service and accessary establishment.

The 6th
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