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Government of own innovation product purchases budgetary government measure
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Money library [2007]29 sign language

General principles of the first chapter

The first is fulfilled to carry out " the State Council about carrying out < long-term science and technology develop program outline in the country (2006, 2020) > the announcement of policy of a certain number of form a complete set " (the country is sent [2006]6 date) , carry out the government that promotes own innovation to purchase policy, basis " government of People's Republic of China purchases a way " and " budget act of People's Republic of China " , make this way.

Office of the 2nd state, institution and incorporation (the following a general designation purchases a person) the activity that purchases own innovation product with finance sex capital, applicable this method.
This method place calls own innovation the product is to point to those who bring into the Ministry of finance to announce " the government purchases own innovation catalogue item " (catalog of the following abbreviation) goods and service. Formulate studies inside the range of own innovation product that catalog holds in the country jointly with the concerned branch such as ministry of science and technology by the Ministry of finance.

The 3rd in purchasing a person to purchase an activity in the government, ought to preferential buy own innovation product.

The 4th purchases a person to be when budget of staff year department, ought to weave according to the limits of catalog government of own innovation product purchases a budget, indicate own innovation product.
It is right that government of own innovation product purchases a budget the government is purchased estimated complement and refine, it is a branch estimated organic component.

The 5th purchases the principle that the person is holding to to control expenditure strictly to fall, from severe from close work out government of own innovation product purchases a budget, ensure estimated authenticity and integrality.

Department of the 6th various finance examines and approve a process in sectional budget in, below the circumstance that purchases item pay to already decided, ought to the budget that preferential arrangement purchases own innovation product.

Department of the 7th various finance is in charge of guidance purchasing a person to weave government of own innovation product purchases a budget lawfully, carry out a circumstance to undertake supervisory to the budget.

The 2nd chapter budget making

Government of product of the 8th own innovation purchases budget and government to purchase a budget to edit a newspaper in sectional budget at the same time, examine and approve at the same time.

Department of the 9th various finance is weaving year branch is estimated in the announcement, the government that should offer own innovation product clearly purchases budget making to ask. Purchase person basis to ask to weave cadre door innovates independently product government purchases a budget.
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