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The country develops innovation appoint general office about adjusting inside en
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Hair change run a program [2006]114 date

The State Council concerns sectional general office, each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and city of plan only kind develop innovation appoint, classics appoint (classics trade appoint) , large unit of Xinjiang production construction develops innovation appoint:
Via approval of the State Council, my appoint was released " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment (2005 this) " (the following abbreviation " industrial guidance catalog " ) , from 2005 L2 rises 2 days month carry out. Carry out now " industrial guidance catalog " inform as follows about the problem with etc:
One, " industrial guidance catalog " from December 2, 2005 (contain on December 2) case carry out. Belong to " industrial guidance catalog " the country that urges kind of limits invests a project, each concern an unit still according to " the announcement that the State Council imports equipment taxation policy about adjusting " (the country is sent [L997]37 date) spirit issue a project duty-free confirmation.
2, to carry policy successional, right on December 2, 2005 (do not contain on December 2) examine and approve before, approve or the domestic investment project that put on record (with the project examine and approve, approve or put on record date is accurate) , accord with " the industry that current state urges development, product and technical catalog (edited 2000) " but still according to " the industry that current state urges development, product and technical catalog (edited 2000) " carry out. Project unit is needed on December 31, 2006 before, in investment director branch acquires a project duty-free confirmation puts on record to custom.
3, " industrial guidance catalog " after carrying out, in project confirmation " project industry policy examines and approve entry " encode is " I " , for example, encourage kind the first kind the 1st should fill in for: Cropland of the low yield in commissariat administers as basic as high and stable yields farm integratedly to build (I0101) ; The 6th kind the 2nd should fill in for: Exploration of natural gas hydrate is developed (I0602) .
4, duty-free confirmation in principle must not change the project. Because special account brings about what confirmation content produces change, issue an unit to be changed with the form of case by former confirmation (after specific type is added) , take the way that changes on former confirmation photocopy no longer. Among them, project owner changes need to issue project confirmation afresh.
5, the other arrangements that this announcement did not allude, still change a program by issue as before [2003]900 sign language, hair changes run a program [2005]682 sign language and hair change run a program [the concerned regulation such as 2005]1537 sign language is carried out.
6, this " announcement " carry out since issuance day.
Inform hereby.

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