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Government of own innovation product purchases evaluation way
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General principles of the first chapter

The first is fulfilled to carry out " the State Council about carrying out < long-term science and technology develop program outline in the country (2006, 2020) > the announcement of policy of a certain number of form a complete set " , carry out the government that promotes own innovation to purchase policy, basis " government of People's Republic of China purchases a way " and " the government purchases goods and service invite public bidding to bid administrative measure " , make this way.

Office of the 2nd state, institution and incorporation (the following a general designation purchases a person) the activity is purchased in the government in, ought to preferential buy own innovation product.
This method place calls own innovation the product is to point to those who bring into the Ministry of finance to announce " the government purchases own innovation catalogue item " (catalog of the following abbreviation) goods and service. Formulate studies inside the range of own innovation product that catalog holds in the country jointly with the concerned branch such as ministry of science and technology by the Ministry of finance.

This the 3rd method is applied to purchase person and its precatory to purchase acting orgnaization (invite public bidding of the following a general designation purchases an unit) the evaluation that begins government of own innovation product to purchase an activity works.
This method place says to purchase acting orgnaization, it is to show concentration purchases orgnaization and classics what department of provincial above finance maintains a qualification is other purchase acting orgnaization.

Any the 4th units and individual do not get obstruct and limitation supplier of own innovation product (point to the supplier that offers own innovation product, similarly hereinafter) the government that enters our region and line of business of one's own profession freely purchases the market, must not execute discriminate to perhaps discriminate against pay to the supplier with unreasonable condition.

This the 5th method did not make a provision, ought to purchase concerned law laws and regulations to carry out according to the government.

The 2nd chapter evaluates a requirement

The 6th purchases a person to purchase own innovation product to ought to use what law sets to purchase way, among them, reach level of number of open invite public bidding, ought to use means of open invite public bidding to purchase.

The 7th purchases a person purchases those who achieve above of level of number of open invite public bidding, the service project that via content of cognizance own innovation technology standards of tall, technology and price determine hard is purchased, via setting department of finance of the city of the area, autonomous prefecture to approve, can use invite invite public bidding, emulative negotiation and inquiry to wait purchase way.
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