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Came 2005 about announcing countrywide highway construction was mixed from estat
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Hall of traffic of large unit of construction of production of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang (bureau, appoint) , management board of Tianjin city municipal highway, Shanghai is municipal project management board:
Build to accelerate compose " praise and honor sincere letter, chasten breaks his promise " order of highway construction market, the relevant data that the ministry reports according to each district, collect was arranged " came 2005 countrywide highway construction was mixed from estate unit 2006 personnel is main credit information " (after adding, the electronic edition that offers inquiry retrieval downloads in of website of the Ministry of Communication) , content basically includes: The notice of criticism that branch of provincial transportation director makes and commend, the administration that branch of various transportation director makes punishs a decision, and the irregularity that the relevant section such as various court, procuratorial work, audit maintains, violate compasses act.
Ask you to combine highway to build the need of market control, increase credit information to use strength, reflect adequately " praise and honor sincere letter, chasten breaks his promise " policy is oriented. Of information of undesirable to existing credit from estate unit, should be opposite its bear the relevant construction project that build increases superintendency strength further, to unit of long-term be as good as one's word, should be in action bid, honor the agreement the respect such as bail gives certain encouragement measure, let unit of honest be as good as one's word achieve due esteem and sincere letter beneficial result.
Undertake issuance regularly to credit information, it is the serious content that construction of system of credit of highway construction market works. For this, the ministry is beginning credit information platform to build, offer convenient, quick credit information to inquire a service for each district. Relevant credit information will be permanent save. Branch of various transportation director wants according to " the directive opinion that builds market credit system about building road " (road of hand over to the collective or the state sends 〔 2006 〕 683) relevant requirement, accelerate advance highway to build market credit system to build the job, uphold the market order with unified and open, orderly competition.


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