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Construction project reconnaissance designs aptitude government regulation
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" construction project reconnaissance designs aptitude management to set " already via building a department the 114th times on December 30, 2006 standing conference discusses through, grant to release now, apply since September 1, 2007.

Build ministry minister Wang Guangdao
Two years on June 26

General principles of the first chapter

  The first To strengthen the pair of construction project reconnaissance, supervisory management that designs an activity, assure to build mass of project reconnaissance, design, basis " administration of People's Republic of China allows a law " , " People's Republic of China builds a way " , " regulation of construction project quality " and " construction project reconnaissance designs regulation " wait for law, administrative regulations, make this provision.

   The 2nd In churchyard of People's Republic of China application builds project reconnaissance, project to design aptitude, carry out what design aptitude to building project reconnaissance, project to control government, applicable this regulation.

   The 3rd Be engaged in building project reconnaissance, project to design mobile company, ought to register equipment of personnel of capital, professional technology, technology and reconnaissance to design the condition such as outstanding achievement to apply intelligence according to what its have, via investigating qualification, after obtaining construction project reconnaissance, project to design intelligence letter, just can be engaged in building project reconnaissance, project to design an activity inside the range that aptitude permits.

   The 4th The unity that construction of the State Council is in charge of a branch to be in charge of the whole nation building project reconnaissance, project to design aptitude controls government. The construction project reconnaissance that the concerned branch such as railroad of the State Council, traffic, irrigation works, Information Industry, civil aviaton cooperates the State Council to build director branch to carry out corresponding industry, project designs aptitude management job.
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