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The project runs maturity model and constituent competition ability

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Author: Jiang Maoshan of Wu Zhiming Pei WenlinSummary: In the environment of economic globalization, organized project management to become the main strategy dominant position that expands in the seek in intense competition. In recent years, models of all sorts of project management maturity are rolled out in succession, offerred substantial knowledge to understand project management to the organization, gave out the tool that standard of comparison evaluates as ego, will organize current condition certainly, and make improve a plan. The article introduced a few kinds of popular items to run maturity model, the key introduced project management to learn (PMI United States) the OPM3 model that the plan promulgates formally, include the setting circumstance of the model, composition, characteristic and use, gave out example of a few application. Keyword: OPM3, project management, maturity, constituent competition ability, using the project success to any organizations is crucial. The business affairs that more and more organizations had regarded a kind as to compete in nowadays height project management preserves the crucial strategy of competitive advantage in the environment, the project government ability that develop oneself with all sorts of effort expands strategic service for its, for instance project government process, criterion, pattern plate, groom, documentation. Succeed to make these try hard to obtain, what should be done above all? How is ability purposeful does the ground, one pace ground move toward maturity? Organized OPM3 of model of project management maturity to provide a such frame and means. 1Organize model of project management maturityOPM3Brief introduction1.1 why to need OPM3
In the environment of economic globalization, all sorts of organizations are facing all-around competition. It is exterior competition ground on one hand, we organize what must not understand very with oneself organize what must not understand very with oneself or in oneself very not familiar domain participates in competition, for this the organization must know the competitor's advantage and inferior position, be familiar with the competitive staff guage of external environment. It is in-house training on the other hand, the organization needs to understand his ability, have fixed position to oneself, because this also needs,have a staff guage that determine and improves ability. Kecina (Kerzner) it is the methodological definition that improves continuously through measure and be compared and be being obtained fiducial compare a standard (Benchmarking) . The organization wants to retain lasting competition ability in the market, gain an advantage, mix without interior external fiducial, with the ability that improves oneself at what compare and last, it is far from likely. In-house and fiducial be similar to attend the decathlon that undertakes inside school, you can undertake study through watching decathlon friendship to surpass; Exterior and fiducial be similar to enter blame intramural championship contest. Only at this moment, you just had study and the opportunity that improve continuously, this win victory to any wanting take part in the match the player is very important. OPM3 wants formulate namely a such standards, apply to all sorts of organizations of different measurement and form, disparate industry and culture, will direct organization is bred and increase project management capacity, realize the ability that organizes strategic goal namely through successful project. 1.2 what is OPM3?
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