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Of OPM3 standard system analyse with application

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OPM3Organize model of project management maturity namely, it is institute of American project government (PMI) newest a when release and popularize in the round global project runs a level. The concept of OPM3OPM3To constituent actionDistinguish the PMBOK that manages at paying close attention to single item mainly, OPM3Of attention isOrganize the project management of the level(below abbreviation "Organize project management" ) , pay close attention to namely the following and both the dependency between: ◆ is organized to single item, project group the practice standard that the runs ability ◆ organization strategy that sets with the project implements the effect to organize project management is calledOrganize project management maturity. Pass development and the capability that improvement needs, OPM3 helps an organization effectively span the chasm between executive success of project success and constituent strategy. That is to say, below the guidance of OPM3, the organization can choose right project according to its strategy, and have target, according to plan, have forecast the ground to implement a project, thereby cogent the strategy that improves an organization implements power, improve the strategy to carry out the effect. OPM3 depends on to constituent main effect: ◆ runs principle and practice of applied project government through abiding by a project, OPM3 pushs the implementation that organizes strategic goal effectively, rise single item and connection of constituent strategy goal thereby. ◆ OPM3 identifies and elaborated the optimal practice that organizes level project management in the round. ◆ passes evaluation, OPM3 can help an enterprise identify the optimal practice that its had had and relevant ability, and the optimal practice that its still lack, evaluate the constituent project with current business to manage maturity thereby; If the enterprise hopes to raise its maturity, OPM3 can coach the enterprise locates crucial bottleneck, make a program to improve way. OPM3The strategic way that how affects an organization helps an organization achieve strategic goalIn current this changes in swift and violent environment, the strategic end that how maintain and dominates an organization does not suffer the concussion of outside ambient, how to achieve strategic goal of the organization effectively, had made the enormous challenge that the organization wants to be faced with. OPM3 built a way to organize the implementation that advances its strategy goal, namely: It is project management cent of the organization "The management of single item" , "Project group management" and "The project sets government" 3 administrative levels, use relevant practice through relevant principle is being followed in layer of middle-level of 3 administrative levels, run those who organize square field surface the photograph of commercial strategy goal with global sex to unite daily. If the organization wants to achieve its strategy goal successfully, the harmony that must realize each respect to run government is unified. For example, client management, product management, flow management and human affairs management, will serve as the main factor that inspects constituent strategy to coordinate a gender; In addition, organization must reasonable configuration resource of its finance affairs and manpower resource, ensure each resource is right of strategic goal prop up effectively. OPM3 can evaluate the optimal practice related to these elements in the round, improve to table a proposal with respect to its. OPM3 can identify the domain that the need in the organization improves and problem, offerred to the organization a series of measure and flow, will raise project management maturity of the organization, support constituent strategy effectively thereby. In the meantime, OPM3 still adopts iteration maturity opinion, provide a basis to be improved of the organization continuously.
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