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Project management and project run software

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Article origin: Bit net author: Sealed introductory music is contemporary the development of the development of project management technique and computer technology is already inseparable, as computer function rise quickly, emerge in large numbers of many project management software comes out. To large project management, prop up without software, task of the manual project that finish is made, dog project plan, resource management, cost is estimated difficulty is quite big. The progress that can say computer technology managed development application to have decisive effect to the project. The basic function that we see project management software have below and common project run software: Had function is current, there are a variety of 120 projects to manage software tool about on the market. These software have distinguishing feature each, each has his strong point. Listed most project governs the main function that software has here. 1. Cost budget and control input the task, time limit for a project, use the use cost of resource, place the one-time allocation such as salary of the cost of material, personnel to each task to wrap, can get the complete cost budget of this project. In item executive process, can undertake an analysis to the real cost of individual resource or whole project and budgetary cost at any time, quite. 2. Make plan, resource management and platoon decide job program user to every task platoon initial date, predicting time limit for a project, clear of each task early or late order and spendable resource. Software decides project schedule according to task information and resource information platoon, adjust schedule along with the modification of the task and resource. 3. Supervise and dog software of project great majority can dog a variety of activities, the in finished state that is like the task, charge, resource that drain, job allocation. Normally the practice is the user defines a standard plan, in carrying out a process actually, the basis inputs the in finished state of the use state of current natural resources or project, produce a variety of forms for reporting statistics and chart automatically, be like " resource uses a situation " watch, " task allocation state " chart of watch, plan. OK still to defining time oneself Duan Jin dogs all right. 4. Forms for reporting statistics is generated compare with artificial photograph, a of project management software outstanding function is to be able to be on the foundation of a lot of data data, create a variety of forms for reporting statistics and graph quickly, handily, wait like chart of plan of Gantetu, network, resource, calendar. 5. Convenient data exchanges a method to make multinomial eye manage software to allow an user to get a data from inside other application process, these applied processes include Excel, Access, Lotus or all sorts of ODBC are compatible database. A few projects manage software to still can pass email to send project message, project personnel gets information through email, if newest project is plan, current task in finished state and all sorts of job forms for reporting statistics. 6. Handle many projects and subproject very big and some projects are very complex, as its big file undertakes browse and operating a likelihood difficulty is greater. And after decomposing its the subproject, can examine every subproject respectively, more facilitating management. Additional, possible project manager or member enter the job of many projects at the same time, need allocates working hours in many projects. Normally, project management software deposits different project in different file, these files join each other. Also can use a big filestore many projects, facilitating organization, examine and use relevant data. 7. Sort and choose most project to manage software to be offerred sort and choose a function. Adopt sort, the user can need to browse information orderly by place, if show the task and resource information alphabetically. Through choosing, the user can appoint the information that need shows, and will other information is concealed. 8. Software of management of a few projects has security safety administration mechanism, the basic message in can managing file and file to the project installs a password, in restricting pair of project files or file certain data visit, make project information not by illegal apprentice purloin. 9. Analyse   suppose " analyse suppose " it is a when project management software offers very practical function, the user can use this function to discuss the result of all sorts of circumstances. For example, assume some task extends a week, criterion the system can be calculated this delay time is right the influence of whole project. Such, project manager can undertake optimizing according to the different outcome of all sorts of circumstances, control the development of the project better. Common project management software runs the function of software and price level according to the project, can differentiate roughly for two class: One kind is to offer professional project to manage the high-grade project that the personage uses to run software, function of this kind of software is powerful, the price is in commonly 2000 dollars above, the OpenPlan of company of the WorkBench of company of the Artemis of company of technology of the P3 that is like Primavera company, Gores, ABT, Welcom. Another kind is software of cheap project management, apply at a few small to medium sized project, this kind of software although the function is very not all ready, but the price is cheaper, the Project2000 of company of the SureTrak of company of the ProjectScheduler of company of the TimeLine that is like TimeLine company, Scitor, Primavera, Microsoft. MicrosoftProject2000 of 1.MicrosoftProject2000     is a kind of function is powerful and agile project government tool, can use at controlling simple or complex project. It can help you build a project plan, right the project undertakes administrative, track all activities in executive process, the in finished state that makes the user masters project plan in real time, real cost and estimated the information such as the use circumstance of difference, resource. The interfacial standard of MicrosoftProject2000, use easily, have a project to govern an all sorts of needed functions, define and allocate what include project plan, resource, real time the project dogs, a variety of intuitionistic the forms for reporting statistics that understands easily and graph, release project information with Web page means, pass Excel, Access or compatible database accesses all sorts of ODBC project file. Software of management of project of project of P3) of abbreviation of PrimaveraProjectPlanner(of 2.PrimaveraProjectPlanner     is the product of American Primavera company, the high-grade project that is the popularity on international runs software, already made the occupation standard of project management. P3 software applies to any project projects, control large and complex project effectively, can manage many projects at the same time. P3 software offers all sorts of resource to balance a technology, but real natural resources uses up imitate project of support of; of curve, delay time carries a local area network between each branches or Internet undertakes information is exchanged, make project supervisor can master project plan at any time. P3 still supports ODBC, can exchange data with Windows program, collect through backing data with the union of other series product, data storage and risk analysis. Company of Primavera of 3.SureTrakProjectManager     besides have the P3 that is aimed at large, complex project beyond project management software, still have the SureTrak that manages small to medium sized project. SureTrak is the program with oriented vision of a height, the figure that uses SureTrak handles way, project manager handy, apace establishs project plan and can carry out dog. It supports computation of multitask Cheng plan and resource plan, use the job with divisional and different color. To the project that different person builds with different kind, sureTrak also can put them together manage as engineering group. In addition, sureTrak still provides a variety of 40 standard forms for reporting statistics, can choose arbitrarily, the information that exports a need. Use the function is released on email and net, the member that the project is comprised can have data communication, if report the in finished state, job that receives ranking arrangement,wait. Use the SBL language of VB, C or SureTrak oneself, can visit the structure of open mode database of SureTrak and OLE, can incorporate project data to other information system when necessary. The CA-SuperProject of company of ComputerAssociatesInternational of 4.CA-SuperProject     is a very commonly used software, agree with a variety of platform, include Windows, OS/2, Unix/Solaris, DOS and VAX/VMS to wait. Many view conduces to user understanding, analysis and each aspect that manage a project. Discover easily and resolve resource conflict effectively, provide all sorts of tools, make the user adjusts schedule and resource between many projects. CA-SuperProject is advanced can make an user accurate with agile plan arrangement imitate is true the world. OK still the basis books plan, current in finished state, odd situation, make the executive plan of odd part accurately afresh. Software of management of project of PMW of 5.ProjectManagementWorkbench(PMW)     is company of applied trade technology (the product of ABT) , this software can manage complex project. It moves below Windows operating system, offerred pair of projects to build model, analysis and pilot graph to change a method, have a project to govern an all sorts of needed functions, get the welcome of large-scale project personnel. ProjectScheduler of 6.ProjectScheduler     is the product of Scitor company, it can help all sorts of activities in user administration project. Preferential setting and resource balance the resource of ProjectScheduler algorithm is very practical, interest expenditures looks in group, the user can observe one of multinomial eye advocate plan plan, can analyse newer. Data can decompose structure, organization to decompose structure, resource to decompose a structure to undertake adjustment mixing through the job collect. ProjectScheduler offerred unified resource to dog labour tabulation, allow an user to evaluate resource cost and utilization rate according to a periodic data, still have detailed " Whatif " analytic function, pass ODBC join database. 7.TimeLine     the product that TimeLine is Symantec company, although this software feels difficult a bit to be being used for abecedarian, but the first selection that still is the project government manager that has experience. It has a function besides the place that has project government outside, still have result of forms for reporting statistics to be able to be mixed extremely strong with function of SQL database connective.

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