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Constituent project runs maturity model (the application of OPM3) and foreground

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Project of Tsinghua college student manages association reporter Li Wei to visit Professor Wu Zhiming to be in the economic environment with global increasingly intense competition, jump over much organization to had regarded the strategic shift of a kind of triumph in competing as project management more more. The project government ability that all sorts of organizations raise him hard will serve for his strategy. But how is ability effective ground, purposeful does the ground, one pace ground move toward mature project management? PMI of institute of American project government is newest released " model of maturity of constituent project management (OPM3) " be evaluated as a kind and learn a standard. Run maturity model to understand constituent project in the round (OPM3) , reporter Li Wei (chairman of association of government of project of student of former Tsinghua college) interviewed Tsinghua university project to run an expert Professor Wu Zhiming. Reporter: Mr. Wu, according to my understanding you are in all the time since last year popularize OPM3 energetically, so you can explain to us, after all what is OPM3? Wu Zhiming: OPM3 is model of maturity of constituent project management (the English abbreviate of OrganizationalProjectManagementMaturityModel) , it is PMI newest issuance standard. I explain first " constituent project manages " , it is to show through project general knowledge, skill, tool and technology apply at organization and project activity to achieve constituent goal. The distinction of it and project management depends on " organization " the limits that expanded the project manages, it includes the successful pay of single item not just, still include a project to set government (ProgramManagement) and management of project investment combination (PortfolioManagement) . Such OK saying, single project government is tactical level, and constituent project management rises to strategic height, from this angle for, organizing project management is advantage of a kind of strategy in the business affairs environment that competes in height. "Maturity model " it is the process that how the description rises or obtains certain capability and frame. This kind of ability must rise continuously as time, such ability score a success ceaselessly in competition.
My individual thinks, a when OPM3 offers for the organization namely measurable, quite, the method that improves project government ability and tool. Reporter: Why does the organization need OPM3, perhaps say the sense with important what OPM3 has to the organization? Wu Zhiming: It is in the economic environment with global increasingly intense competition, all sorts of organizations are facing all-around competition. It is exterior competition ground on one hand, we organize what must understand with him not very organize what must understand with him not very or in oneself very not familiar domain participates in competition, for this the organization must know the competitor's advantage and inferior position, be familiar with the competitive staff guage of external environment. It is in-house training on the other hand, the organization needs to understand the ability of oneself, have fixed position to oneself, because this also needs,have a staff guage that determine and improves ability. From where does this staff come? We did not have method in the past, can tell everybody now, it is OK to pass OPM3 formulate a such staff guage. And all sorts of organizations that OPM3 applies to different measurement and form, disparate industry and culture, will direct organization is bred and increase project management capacity. OPM3 offerred substantial knowledge to understand constituent project management to the person that use, gave out the tool that standard of comparison evaluates as ego, will organize current condition to be made thereby certainly improve a plan. OPM3 has the following effect:
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