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MSOffice company project manages (EPM) solution overview

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MicrosoftOffice company project manages (EPM) the solution is need further between project and project manager cooperation and standardization degree, the understanding of the origanization construction that implementation resource manages centrally or raises project and resource report level chooses. Because MicrosoftOfficeEPM solution will pass well known and compositive tool and program promote height to be participated in generally, accordingly, unique advantage is had in system of numerous project management. EPM solution can be in gift for origanization construction inside 5 crucial domains below working efficiency:

The project sets governmentMicrosoftOfficeEPM solution is improvement analysis and decision-making provided the capability that in the light of origanization construction project exercise combination tries to announce and be understood thoroughly. § combines outstanding achievement to behave executive monitoring to the project through the scorecard view that uses consistent business measure, dig detailed circumstance according to needing development. § is aimed at time span inside or configuration of the program plan between different project, resource and cost data undertake assessment, discern in order to achieve trend and conception " analyse suppose " the purpose of circumstances. Data of Project of § general key is the same as other with Web component form main business information along with all the others compositive among the portal solution to you oneself. Operation managementMicrosoftOfficeEPM solution conduces to operation management is improved inside origanization construction limits, found have consistency and but the business of repeatability handles a process, optimize project resource configuration. Resource managementThe resource allocation tool that § have the aid of is based on skill allocates manpower resource quick and efficiently project, undertake dogging administrative to relevant resource from pool of the resource central. § is aimed at the report that is used at the project and approve time to establish processing procedure, in order to ensure data accuracy. § ensures you are in origanization construction to have can offer the personnel that is used at prospective project and capability. Project management§ carries out project management with quick and efficient way and dog project progress circumstance. § is communicated effectively what realize information inside the personnel range that project place involves with share. § is mixed in the applicable standard inside origanization construction limits through establishing optimal implementation means, improve project management flow. Cooperation and communicationMicrosoftOfficeEPM solution can be participated in to optimize a project, plan reports chime makes the result and enhance information to share with harmonious ability. § have the aid of informs with the portal visit service increases the harmonious capacity between project group automatically, so that use an easy to do land,undertake examining to project information through Web, update and analyse. The time report that § have the aid of is based on Web and MicrosoftOutlook calendar are compositive and characteristic, ensure project program plan and budget carry out a circumstance to be in instant newer position, in the meantime, reduce administrative job intensity. § is in by ProjectServer2003 and MicrosoftWindowsSharePointServices (the requirement is based on MicrosoftWindowsServer2003 to move) the check that compositive place realizes is entered / check goes out and decide edition function foundation to go up, have centralized government in the light of group documentation. § dogs in coordination to come true and analytic and undertake centralized to the problem related to the project and risk memory, link and share.
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